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When inheritance becomes a problem


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When we are talking about inheritance, whether it involves big amount of money or small one, high value of assets or very less ones, most cases are causing problems. Especially in the countries where there are many uncommon/unusual things to do relate to inheritance issues, like in Indonesia, such as:

  • Not making any Will before died. Some people may aware that making a Will is very important, but some others think that it is not necessary.
  • Many believe that it is not fine to talk about inheritance while parents still alive, even though if it is only to remind them about this issue.

Because of those things, problems arise when parents pass away. Fighting between siblings, conflict between nephews or nieces and step children (they claim that they have right over their uncle/aunt’s assets because the uncle/aunt did not have any biological child), sibling who takes parents’ money/assets without others’ acknowledgment, and a lot more cases. Many cases even cause unfinished conflicts, or worse can cause people to commit a murder. So, when this horrible thing happens, who should be blamed? Should we blame parents who did not prepare for a will? Should we blame the people who can not think or act fairly and lawfully? Of course there will be sanctions/punishments for any one who commits unlawful acts. Still, that kind of terrible thing is so unfortunate to happen; and that could be anticipated in advance.

Therefor, to parents …. it is nothing wrong to be ready with a Will. It will make things easier for your children. It will anticipate them from fighting or creating conflicts over money. To children, who have been left without any will … there are many important things in this life, family is one of them that should be in the most priority other than money, so, try to always put family over money, and, try to always think/act fairly and lawfully. That will keep your family stay together.


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