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Nothing is Permanent in this Life

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Lately, I get sad news quite often, about people I know who passed away. And most of them were caused by serious illness, such as cancer. Some of them were quite young, though; and one of them was single. It is always sad to receive news about people’s death, especially if they were related to you, even if the relationship was not too personal. And such sad news always remind me of several things that sometime we forget about, among other things:

  • Life is so unpredictable. We never know when our time in this world is up. Our life could end any time God wants to. You may live today, strong and healthy, but we never know if we still live tomorrow. Question is, are we ready if our time is up tomorrow? Will we leave unfinished matters or debts or troubles to our beloved family if our life comes to end suddenly? What have we done to prepare about our next journey? Do that kind of questions ever come to your mind, even at glance? There are many questions about death that we can not answer, but one thing for sure; it will come to any of us, eventually, whether we are ready or not, it is only a matter of time.
  • When our life in this world ends, we do not bring anything we posses while we live. You may have worked so hard for the whole life, have a successful career, become the richest person on the planet, have a lot of friends or families, but when you leave this world, it will only be by yourself; only your body that will be buried or cremated, alone. We begin and end the life alone; that is something that we must always remember. You may think that you can bring your valuable things to be buried with you, but you will never need that; it will not give any use when you are dead. Come to that reality, remind me to not attach to anything because nothing is permanent in this life, even the life itself.

Life lessons that we should always remember.