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Cosmo Salon & Spa, Bali

I came to this place with special purpose to get shiatsu massage. I was not feeling well, pain on my lower back, shoulder and neck got stiff after sitting for quite long time and I guess not in the right position when driving around in Bali. I thought that regular massage would not fix my problem, and been thinking about shiatsu. I like getting shiatsu massage, especially when I feel like catching flu or have back pain. That normally works well on me.

So, I did google about shiatsu in Bali and came up with several places, one of them was Cosmo Salon & Spa. This place is still in Sanur area. They provide massage and spa treatments, nail and waxing treatments, hair treatments and make up. There are several types of massages in this Cosmo Salon: Cosmo Fusion massage, Cosmo Signature, Deep Tissue massage, Shiatsu, Bali massage & Thai massage (you can read the detail technique of each massage on their website, includes the price). I read on Tripadvisor about this place and many people were recommending Cosmo Fusion massage. It is combination between deep tissue massage and shiatsu, but I wanted shiatsu.  Unlike shiatsu that I used to get in Jakarta, which use feet pressure technique, the therapists here are using finger pressure technique. This therapy also involved kneading, pressing, soothing, tapping, and stretching techniques, performed without oils through light, comfortable clothing that they provided. I think the shiatsu technique at this Cosmo Salon is better than the one I get in Jakarta. One hour of this massage was relieved my back pain, not entirely right away but I felt much much better. Maybe I need more than one hour to heal the pain completely :). I was thinking about that on my way back home.


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Note about this place:

  • Most guests are foreigners.
  • Friendly staffs especially the receptionist.
  • The place is clean.
  • The price is a little bit higher than Leha-Leha Spa, but it is still within market range and based on my own experience it is more than worth to get the shiatsu massage here.
  • Over all: good services with reasonable price.

Detail Info:

Cosmo Salon & Spa

Danau Tamblingan Street No.176, Sanur, Bali

Telp: (62-361) 286330


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Leha-Leha Spa, Bali


When you are in Bali, you can find many places that offer spa or massage, from private/individual spa/massage that owned by personal or spa/massage that is part of hotel facilities. And there are vary in range of cost. Sometimes it is not easy to find a good spa with a good technique massage because each of us has different preference in how the massage being performed. It also depends on the therapist’s condition when they do the job at that time. Getting a reference from friend or website (for example from Tripadvisor) will help in finding the best one, that suits our preference.

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So, when I was in a need to get massage after long trip while in Bali, I read Tripadvisor and got some places to check. I made some calls, got informations about their services, prices and availability, then I went to try this Leha-Leha Spa.

This spa is owned by local, named Gusde. Located near Taksu Sanur Hotel in Sudamala street, Sanur. The place is clean and modern with touch of traditional balinese interior and decoration. Leha Leha spa has several room, including an inter-connecting couples therapy room, where guest can arrange a couple’s massage. They offer not only spa/massage, but beauty treatments as well, includes manicure and pedicure. And if you need pick up/drop off service, they can provide too. With nice and friendly staff, make the visit to this place is more enjoyable. Furthermore, the price is not that expensive. For one hour ‘Traditional Balinese Full Body Massage” is about IDR 150,000.- (plus 5% service and 10% tax). Overall, great service with fair prices. Highly recommended!


Detail information:

Leha-Leha Spa

Jalan Sudamala No 5, Sanur, Bali

Tel: 62-8113995510



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~ Drops of Youth, the Body Shop ~

Saya termasuk pengguna setia produk The Body Shop, salah satunya adalah serum dari seri Nutriganics “Drops of Youth”. Serum adalah salah satu skin care yang menjadi andalan saya karena saya tidak begitu suka dengan pelembab. Jenis kulit muka saya terlalu berminyak dan saya sudah mencoba berbagai merk pelembab muka khususnya yang waterbase, namun seringnya pelembab membuat riasan cepat luntur apalagi jika seharian berada di luar ruangan. Akhirnya serumlah satu-satunya yang wajib saya gunakan, pagi dan malam hari untuk sekaligus sebagai pelembab.

Saya suka sekali dengan serum dari seri “Drops of Youth” ini karena selain kandungan bahannya 99 persen natural, no paraben dan no silicon, namun teksturnya ringan dan mudah diserap kulit. Baru-baru ini The Body Shop,  mengeluarkan varian dari seri “Drops of Youth” bundling dengan varian lain dibuat khusus untuk anti pollutan, sangat cocok untuk kita-kita yang hidup di kota-kota dengan tingkat polusi tinggi. Bundling skin care tersebut terdiri dari:

  • Drops of Youth liquid peel, yang berfungsi mengangkat sel-sel kulit mati & mendetoksifikasi polusi serta menetralisir efek buruk dari lingkungan.
  • Drops of Youth Emulsin SPF 20, yang mengandung bunga Edelweiss dari Italy yang berfungsi sebagai antioksidant , Sea Holly dari Britany, Perancis Selatan yang berfungsi untuk mengencangkan dan Criste Marine untuk regenerasi sel kulit baru.
  • Skin defense SPF 50, produk pelindung wajah (sunscreen) untuk melindungi kulit dari sinar UVA & UVB , dengan kandungan water essence yang ringan dan mudah menyerap.

Bundling produk tersebut dapat diperoleh melalui online website The Body Shop.

Psst …. belanja melalui website The Body Shop juga bisa dicicil lho :), dengan menggunakan kartu kredit Bank Mandiri. Promosi cicilan 0% selama 3 bulan ini berlaku hingga 31 Mei 2017 dengan minimal pembelanjaan Rp 300.000,-. Dan …. saat ini The Body Shop juga sedang ada promosi diskon hingga 25 persen untuk produk-produk tertentu, untuk pembelanjaan melalui online, hanya sampai dengan 7 Mei 2017.