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Mandarin Orchard Singapore (5*)

I stayed in this hotel for my short getaway on my birthday. It was quite sudden trip as I was at first not that enthusiastic to celebrate my birthday. But, I did really need to escape from this city :). Also I remembered that I had Kris Flyer mileage that would expire soon if I did not use it and no longer be able to be extended (again).

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Lobby Area (taken from hotel’s website)

So, I booked a flight by redeeming my Kris Flyer mileage and searched hotel via Agoda in Orchard area as I did only want to window-shop (the plan … lol). Then, I chosen this Mandarin Orchard (this was my second stay in this hotel). This hotel is actually  a little bit old building, but most hotels in Orchard area are quite old I think, some got renovated but mostly not the whole building or refurbished.

The best thing about this hotel is its location; it’s in the heart of Orchard road. Shopping malls are within walking distance. Mandarin Gallery at its doorstep, right next to 313@Somerset, Ngee Ann City and Takashimaya, and across the hotel is the Paragon. Then, closed to MRT station; there are two MRT stations located less than 10 minutes walking, which are Orchard and Somerset. Also it is easy to get food around here. If you do not want to dine in the mall’s foodcourt or restaurants, there are many simple/small restaurants near hotel, as well as upscale restaurants.

Mandarin Orchard, Takashimaya Shopping Mall, Orchard road, singapore, 5 stars hotel, singapore hotel, luxury hotel, central orchard, singapore shopping district, agoda,, travel, kris flyer, mileage redemption, singapore airlines, bleebloob, this & that, shanti_1507
View from my room; Takashimaya Shopping Mall

And, as it was my birthday, I got a surprise birthday cake from the hotel along with “happy birthday” note. That was the most wonderful treatment I ever received, and I was happily surprised :).

Mandarin Orchard, Orchard road, singapore, 5 stars hotel, singapore hotel, luxury hotel, central orchard, singapore shopping district, agoda,, travel, kris flyer, mileage redemption, singapore airlines, bleebloob, this & that, shanti_1507
Surprise Birthday Cake from Mandarin Orchard

Considering its location and compare to other hotels in this area, I think Mandarin Orchard offers good rate. If you are planning to travel to Singapore and looking for accommodation, I recommend you to check their best rate out via or you may compare the rate at

Detail Information:

Mandarin Orchard Singapore

333 Orchard Road Singapore 238867

Phone No: +65 6737 4411   Email:


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The Green Mile

I love watching this movie. Even after several times, I still find it is interesting movie and worth to watch. That is not only because how good the late Michael Clarke Duncan plays as John Coffey, …. But most important is the story about John Coffey itself. I know it is only a fiction adapted from Steven King’s novel, still it affects me and make me thinking about it further.

The story about John Coffey is the most an unfortunate-tragic life event that could happen to any man. As a human being, he is blessed with a supernatural magical power in which he could make a life miracle. He cures Paul Edgecomb’s (played by Tom Hanks) bladder infection, brings back to life of Mr. Jingles (a mouse that killed by Percy Wetmore, by crushing him with his boots) and heals the cancer infected wife of Warden Hal Moores, head of the death row prison.  He also has the most pure, innocent and saintly soul as a child, who trapped in the gigantic and powerful frame black man (almost 7 ft tall). As he’s mentally like an innocent child, he is then unable to defend himself when he is found crying with two dead white little girls on his laps and their blood’s all over his hands; by that time, he’s actually trying to revive them, but too late. For all people who seen it, and for his inability to deny it, he is then being convicted of raping and murdering that two little girls and sentenced to death. Even though John then reveals the truth about the crime physically to Paul, Paul can do nothing to release him from the death penalty. When Paul asks John what he wants him to do, John explains that he wants to be executed and die so he can finally rest in peace from the cruelty and pains of the world.

John says, “I’m tired, Boss. Tired of being on the road, lonely as sparrow in the rain. I’m tired of never having a buddy to be with, to tell me where we’re going to, coming from or why. Mostly, I’m tired of people being ugly to each other”.

What make me continued to be sad and can’t stop weeping is how such beautiful soul with miracle ability is being treated as criminal; how life could be so harsh and cruel to him; why fate doesn’t give him a little favor/mercy? It’s just too sad and painful story; good that it is only a fiction.

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Cosmo Salon & Spa, Bali

I came to this place with special purpose to get shiatsu massage. I was not feeling well, pain on my lower back, shoulder and neck got stiff after sitting for quite long time and I guess not in the right position when driving around in Bali. I thought that regular massage would not fix my problem, and been thinking about shiatsu. I like getting shiatsu massage, especially when I feel like catching flu or have back pain. That normally works well on me.

So, I did google about shiatsu in Bali and came up with several places, one of them was Cosmo Salon & Spa. This place is still in Sanur area. They provide massage and spa treatments, nail and waxing treatments, hair treatments and make up. There are several types of massages in this Cosmo Salon: Cosmo Fusion massage, Cosmo Signature, Deep Tissue massage, Shiatsu, Bali massage & Thai massage (you can read the detail technique of each massage on their website, includes the price). I read on Tripadvisor about this place and many people were recommending Cosmo Fusion massage. It is combination between deep tissue massage and shiatsu, but I wanted shiatsu.  Unlike shiatsu that I used to get in Jakarta, which use feet pressure technique, the therapists here are using finger pressure technique. This therapy also involved kneading, pressing, soothing, tapping, and stretching techniques, performed without oils through light, comfortable clothing that they provided. I think the shiatsu technique at this Cosmo Salon is better than the one I get in Jakarta. One hour of this massage was relieved my back pain, not entirely right away but I felt much much better. Maybe I need more than one hour to heal the pain completely :). I was thinking about that on my way back home.


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Note about this place:

  • Most guests are foreigners.
  • Friendly staffs especially the receptionist.
  • The place is clean.
  • The price is a little bit higher than Leha-Leha Spa, but it is still within market range and based on my own experience it is more than worth to get the shiatsu massage here.
  • Over all: good services with reasonable price.

Detail Info:

Cosmo Salon & Spa

Danau Tamblingan Street No.176, Sanur, Bali

Telp: (62-361) 286330


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Bungalow Living Bali

Shopping is one of the activities that is loved by most women. As I live in Jakarta, the city which has unlimited options to shop, I could find almost anything. I could say that because Jakarta has the biggest number of malls in Indonesia with total number around 83 in 2017, perhaps in the world. That excludes the option to shop via online which of course has bigger coverage of market. So, shopping in Jakarta has never been lack of options. Still, when you are traveling, women especially are still doing a shop, looking for something unique or stuffs that we think we can not find it in the place where we live.

Bali, at the other hand, although I love the island as one of the most favorite destinations for holiday, has very less malls. However, there are quite many things, unique things, arts or traditional stuffs that could only be found in Bali. And I love getting around in every corner in Bali to find something different or sometimes just to window-shop. And in my last trip to Bali, I found this shop, Bungalow Living Bali. Well, actually I have seen it on their Instagram account before going to Bali and listed the shop as “must visit” on my travel list.

This Bungalow Living Bali is located in Berawa, not far from the famous surfing spots and beaches in Canggu. The shop is not like other interior or home living shops. This cute, lovely shop will make anyone who loves home-decoring enthusiastic and get inspired. They design the shop as a shopping place and coffee shop as well, so you can have coffee or healthy drinks and some cakes while enjoying their collections that been displayed beautifully and in artistic way. Even the bed display with the pretty bed cover/throw looks like inviting you to snuggle on it. Through their account in Instagram, or you may find it on the Facebook as well, we can see the update of their collections of home-living, such as cushions, bed covers, throws, paintings, bags, accessories and other homewares.

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Honestly, I did not plan to buy anything, but once I stepped in the shop, I was too excited and spent almost 2 hours just to admire their collections. I left the shop without buying anything, but having some items in my head to sleep on it. Two days later, I was back to the shop for this lovely bag and other things.

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Well, maybe you do not really need it, but if you still think about it after sleeping on it, means that you have to buy it. That is my new motto, or more like a guilty feeling justification for being weak over their lovely collections :).


Detail Info:

Bungalow Living Bali

Jalan Pantai Berawa 35A, Canggu 80361, Bali

Tel: +62 361 844 6567


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Leha-Leha Spa, Bali


When you are in Bali, you can find many places that offer spa or massage, from private/individual spa/massage that owned by personal or spa/massage that is part of hotel facilities. And there are vary in range of cost. Sometimes it is not easy to find a good spa with a good technique massage because each of us has different preference in how the massage being performed. It also depends on the therapist’s condition when they do the job at that time. Getting a reference from friend or website (for example from Tripadvisor) will help in finding the best one, that suits our preference.

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So, when I was in a need to get massage after long trip while in Bali, I read Tripadvisor and got some places to check. I made some calls, got informations about their services, prices and availability, then I went to try this Leha-Leha Spa.

This spa is owned by local, named Gusde. Located near Taksu Sanur Hotel in Sudamala street, Sanur. The place is clean and modern with touch of traditional balinese interior and decoration. Leha Leha spa has several room, including an inter-connecting couples therapy room, where guest can arrange a couple’s massage. They offer not only spa/massage, but beauty treatments as well, includes manicure and pedicure. And if you need pick up/drop off service, they can provide too. With nice and friendly staff, make the visit to this place is more enjoyable. Furthermore, the price is not that expensive. For one hour ‘Traditional Balinese Full Body Massage” is about IDR 150,000.- (plus 5% service and 10% tax). Overall, great service with fair prices. Highly recommended!


Detail information:

Leha-Leha Spa

Jalan Sudamala No 5, Sanur, Bali

Tel: 62-8113995510



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Earning Miles via TripAdvisor (Mengumpulkan Miles Penerbangan via TripAdvisor)

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I have previously posted about “Collecting Miles without Flying”, and one of the ways is to share your vacation experiences on TripAdvisor and you will earn additional miles to be credited into your favorite Frequent Flyer that has been registered into TripAdvisor. You may write a review of your visit to restaurants, hotels, tourist spots/attractions and even your experience with airlines.

Before writing any review on TripAdvisor, please ensure to follow its terms and conditions:

  • Garuda Miles members must register on TripAdvisor to participate.
  • Mileage will only be awarded for each published review and complies with TripAdvisor content guidelines.
  • Stickers on each page of accommodation / tourist attractions / restaurants on TripAdvisor will show you how many miles to get by reviewing the property.
  • Only reviews written in Indonesian can earn miles.
  • The maximum number of Garuda Miles that can be earned is 1500 miles per month per Garuda Miles account.

For detail information, please visit

I have started writing reviews on TripAdvisor from some time ago, and the photo above is a screenshot of transaction history on my Garuda Miles that have been credited by TripAdvisor.

As an illustration, if you like to redeem an award ticket with route Jakarta – Yogyakarta, you will require approximately 8,000 miles/one way/economy class (please see “Miles Redemption Calculator” to check other routes). So, if you can get the maximum number of Garuda Miles from writing reviews on TripAdvisor, you will be able to get free award ticket for Jakarta – Yogyakarta’s route in 6 months. Not bad right?


Untuk Bahasa Indonesia:

Sebelumnya saya pernah memposting tentang “Mengumpulkan Miles Penerbangan tanpa Terbang“, dan salah satu caranya adalah dengan memberikan review mengenai kunjungan kalian ke restauran, hotel atau tempat wisata dalam Bahasa Indonesia di TripAdvisor dan kalian akan memperoleh miles tambahan yang akan dikreditkan ke Garuda Miles kalian yang sudah didaftarkan ke TripAdvisor sebelumnya.

Namun, sebelum menulis review di TripAdvisor, agar diperhatikan persyaratan dan ketentuannya agar review kalian dinilai layak oleh TripAdvisor untuk mendapatkan miles.

Persyaratan dan ketentuannya adalah sebagai berikut:

  • Anggota Garuda Miles harus mendaftar di TripAdvisor untuk berpartisipasi,
  • Mileage hanya akan diberikan untuk setiap ulasan yang dipublikasi dan mematuhi pedoman konten TripAdvisor.
  • Stiker di setiap laman akomodasi/objek wisata/restoran di TripAdvisor akan menunjukkan berapa miles yang bisa didapat dengan mengulas properti tersebut.
  • Hanya ulasan yang ditulis dalam Bahasa Indonesia yang bisa mendapatkan miles.
  • Jumlah maksimum Garuda Miles yang bisa didapatkan adalah 1500 miles per bulan per akun Garuda Miles.

Untuk informasi detail, dapat dilihat di

Saya sendiri sudah mulai memberikan review di TripAdvisor dari beberapa waktu yang lalu, dan foto diatas adalah screenshot perolehan miles yang sudah dikreditkan oleh TripAdvisor ke Garuda Miles saya, atas review yang sudah saya tuliskan di bulan Juni 2017.

Sebagai gambaran untuk contoh, redemption award tiket ekonomi Jakarta – Yogyakarta memerlukan miles sebesar kurang lebih 8.000/sekali jalan (perhitungan miles yang dibutuhkan untuk redemption award tiket rute yang berbeda dapat dilihat disini). Jadi, jika kalian bisa mendapatkan jumlah maksimum Garuda Miles dari memberikan review di TripAdvisor, kalian akan bisa mendapatkan tiket gratis untuk rute Jakarta – Yogyakarta dalam 6 bulan. Not bad kan?

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Booking hotel pakai nawar? Coba Travelio!

Bagi penggemar travel, pasti sudah terbiasa untuk mencari penerbangan atau akomodasi dengan harga murah. Dengan semakin banyaknya promosi dari agen travel, maskapai penerbangan dan hotel, semakin memudahkan kita untuk mendapatkan penerbangan dan akomodasi dengan harga yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan kita. Tapi pernahkah kadang-kadang kita merasa promosi yang ditawarkan sepertinya tidak efektif atau sudah harga promo tapi tetap mahal, sehingga tidak sesuai dengan bujet yang sudah kita tetapkan sebelumnya? Jadinya kita berandai-andai, coba harganya bisa ditawar ya, pastinya lebih ok.
Nah … di Travelio kita bisa mendapatkan akomodasi dengan cara menawar, sehingga kita bisa mendapatkan harga sesuai dengan bujet kita. Travelio tidak saja menyediakan hotel, namun juga apartemen,  vila, rumah dan hostel. Properti Travelio tersedia di seluruh wilayah Asia Pacifik dan Oceania.

Selain itu, booking akomodasi melalui Travelio juga ada diskon tambahan, antara lain:

Diskon hingga Rp 500.000 khusus untuk pemegang kartu kredit dari Bank OCBC NISP.
Syarat dan Ketentuan:
  • Promo berlaku untuk pemesanan sampai dengan tanggal 28 Februari 2018 dengan minimum pembayaran Rp500.000,00 (tidak termasuk cleaning fee).
  • Promo berupa diskon 10% dengan nilai maksimum diskon sebesar Rp500.000,00.
  • Hanya berlaku untuk pemilik kartu kredit yang diterbitkan oleh Bank OCBC NISP yang berlogo Visa dan Mastercard.
  • 1 (satu) pemegang kartu hanya berhak mendapatkan diskon sebanyak 1x selama periode promosi.
  • Promo hanya berlaku bagi member yang telah melakukan registrasi dan login saat pemesanan.
  • Promo ini tidak dapat digabungkan dengan promo lainnya ataupun dengan penggunaan Travelio Reward Point.
  • Setiap pemesanan yang menggunakan promo tidak berhak atas Travelio Reward Point.
  • berhak untuk menolak ataupun membatalkan pemesanan jika terjadi penyalahgunaan dalam bentuk apapun.

Diskon 8% khusus untuk pemilik Kartu UOB Indonesia / Singapura / Malaysia.

Syarat dan Ketentuan:

  • Periode promo: 15 Mei – 31 Desember 2017.
  • Promo berupa diskon 8% dan hanya berlaku untuk pemesanan tipe properti Apartment/House/Villa dengan minimum pemesanan sebesar 500.000 IDR/50 SGD/150 MYR (tidak termasuk cleaning fee).
  • Promo hanya berlaku untuk pemilik kartu kredit UOB Indonesia / Singapura / Malaysia.
  • Setiap pelanggan hanya bisa menikmati diskon maksimal 1 (satu) kali per kartu kredit, selama periode promosi.
  • Maksimal diskon sebesar 500.000 IDR (Indonesia) / 50 SGD (Singapura) / 150 MYR (Malaysia).
  • Promo hanya berlaku untuk pelanggan yang telah registrasi dan login saat melakukan pemesanan.
  • Promo tidak dapat digabungkan dengan promo lainnya atau penggunaan Travelio Reward Point.
  • Pemesanan yang menggunakan promo ini tidak berhak mendapatkan Travelio Reward Point.
  • Travelio berhak membatalkan pemesanan apabila terjadi penyimpangan atau pelanggaran pada Syarat dan Ketentuan promo ini maupun Syarat dan Ketentuan layanan
Diskon hingga Rp 300.000,- khusus pemegang Kartu Kredit dari Bank BNI.
Syarat dan Ketentuan:
  • Promo ini berupa diskon 10% dengan nilai maksimum diskon sebesar Rp300.000,-
  • Promo hanya berlaku untuk pemesanan tipe properti Apartment/House/Villa dengan minimum transaksi sebesar Rp500.000 (tidak termasuk cleaning fee).
  • Promo berlaku sampai dengan tanggal 31 Desember 2017.
  • Promo berlaku untuk semua jenis Kartu Kredit BNI (Visa dan Mastercard) kecuali Corporate Card dan iB Hasanah Card.
  • Setiap pelanggan hanya bisa menikmati diskon maksimal 1 (satu) kali per hari selama periode promosi.
  • Promo hanya berlaku untuk pelanggan yang telah registrasi dan login saat melakukan pemesanan.
  • Promo tidak dapat digabungkan dengan promo lainnya atau penggunaan Travelio Reward Point.
  • Pemesanan yang menggunakan promo ini tidak berhak mendapatkan Travelio Reward Point.
  • Travelio berhak membatalkan pemesanan apabila terjadi penyimpangan atau pelanggaran pada Syarat dan Ketentuan promo ini maupun Syarat dan Ketentuan layanan
Cara mendapatkan promo:
  • Masuk ke
  • Pilih lokasi & akomodasi yang diinginkan.
  • Masukkan detail kartu kredit OCBC NISP atau UOB atau BNI pada halaman pembayaran.
  • Lakukan pembayaran dengan harga baru setelah potongan diskon.