What is the difference …


What is the difference between:

“I like you” and ” I love you”

Buddha answered it beautifully:

“When you like a flower, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower, you water it daily ….! One who understand this, understands life ……

Sign that we are in healthy relationship


A reminder to ourselves ….

  • Saying “No” without guilt or fear

  • Free to ask for what you want or need

  • Taking care of yourself

  • Saying “Yes” because you want to, not out of obligation or to please others

  • Behaving according to your own values and beliefs

  • Feeling safe to express disagreement

  • Feeling supported to pursue your own goals

  • Being treated as an equal

  • Taking responsibility for your own happiness

  • Not feeling responsible for someone else’s happiness

  • Being in tune with your own feelings

  • Knowing who you are, what you believe, what you like

  • You’re comfortable telling your partner about things that make you feel vulnerable such as worries about getting laid off.

  • When you feel stressed or upset, you turn toward your partner for comfort, rather than turning away from your partner and trying to deal with it yourself.

Simple things that give you best feeling in the world


Musee du Louvre, Paris

  1. Warmth hugs from people you love when you feel down.

  2. Crawling in the bed at the end of day, after long day.

  3. Being loved back by someone you love.

  4. Smells produced when rain falls on dry ground.

  5. Laughing till you cry.

  6. Holding a newborn, even if he/she is not yours.

  7. A glass of water when you are so thirsty.

  8. Seeing the first flowers bloom in the early spring.

  9. A long bath in the hot water with, bubble, aromatherapy oil and candle, and a glass of wine.

  10. Making a stranger smiles.

  11. Having a random act of kindness from stranger.

  12. Enjoying the quietness of a third night.

  13. Fresh smell from clean sheets.

  14. A soothing massage.

  15. Tired, but relieved feeling after good exercise.

Anymore to add? Feel free to leave a comment 🙂

Poem #2: Love, bring me back to ….


Love ….

Bring me back to the day before I knew you;

the day when I have not been enlightened by the addictive seduction,

the day when I have not felt longing for your fondling,

the day when I have not met the lonely night,

the day when I have not been introduced to the restless mind thinking over about you,

because as much as I am delighted by your presence, LOVE….

I can not stop to think the misery that I shall carry when you leave me.



Things to always be remembered ….

rumah pohon1

Rumah Pohon, Bali


  • The past cannot be changed.

  • Opinions don’t define your reality.

  • Everyone’s journey is different.

  • Things always get better with time.

  • Judgements are a confession of character.

  • Overthinking will lead to sadness.

  • Happiness is found within yourself.

  • Positive thoughts create positive things.

  • Smiles are contagious.

  • Kindness is free.

  • You only fail if you quit.

  • What goes around, comes around. 

Poems #1

19th May, 2017

The warmth when you look at me,

The tingle when you touch me,

The shivering when you caress me,

The fire when you are inside of me,

it is burning the whole out of me like I am in hell.



I can see the intense look in your eyes, the eyes with full of desire, admire, inquisitiveness, but also promise and hope,

I can feel the flame through your eyes, the burning excitement, longing and craving for love that rips my heart and haunts my soul,

It is so visual that any one can sense it  … but frightened me in a way that I am unable to figure out.

Then, how shall I translate my feeling when I do not even understand the fear in my heart?



How do you recognize love? Is it in the never ending text messaging? In the long conversations that never bored you?  In the many hours of sleeps that you have lost by overthinking about someone? In the lust and desire that give you a new meaning of the word “addiction”? In the constant thought about someone that always gives you a sweet distraction and brings warmth in your heart and smile on your face inadvertently?

Is that called love???



Staying in bad relationship …..

“Staying in a bad relationship is not poetic or beautiful. Staying with someone who hurts you or does not appreciate you is not romantic or beautiful. What’s beautiful is moving on. What’s beautiful is focusing on yourself. On loving who you are, regardless of how other people see you. There is no flower brighter than the first to bloom after a harsh winter”.