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I am drowning …..

This illogical thought,

is like illusion.

This unstoppable thinking about you,

has darkened my head with cloudiness.

Blinded me ….

How can I stop this desire?

How can I hold this ecstasy?

The crave that always be there….

Is never coming to end.

I am drowning ….. into my own fantasy.

I don’t know how much longer I can stand.

There’s something about you that I  can not fight.

It’s just like drug that I always need.

An addiction that I can not handle.

I am puzzled ….

Lost ….

Defeated ….

…. yet, unwilling to be rescued.

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Poems #5: Dream away …

Lord, let me sleep …..

Let me sleep forever, as no reason to awaken,

Let me dream for thousands fantasies, as no life that makes me happy,

Let me sail across unfinished seas, as no land to stand freely,

Let me Lord, please…..