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The Green Mile

I love watching this movie. Even after several times, I still find it is interesting movie and worth to watch. That is not only because how good the late Michael Clarke Duncan plays as John Coffey, …. But most important is the story about John Coffey itself. I know it is only a fiction adapted from Steven King’s novel, still it affects me and make me thinking about it further.

The story about John Coffey is the most an unfortunate-tragic life event that could happen to any man. As a human being, he is blessed with a supernatural magical power in which he could make a life miracle. He cures Paul Edgecomb’s (played by Tom Hanks) bladder infection, brings back to life of Mr. Jingles (a mouse that killed by Percy Wetmore, by crushing him with his boots) and heals the cancer infected wife of Warden Hal Moores, head of the death row prison.  He also has the most pure, innocent and saintly soul as a child, who trapped in the gigantic and powerful frame black man (almost 7 ft tall). As he’s mentally like an innocent child, he is then unable to defend himself when he is found crying with two dead white little girls on his laps and their blood’s all over his hands; by that time, he’s actually trying to revive them, but too late. For all people who seen it, and for his inability to deny it, he is then being convicted of raping and murdering that two little girls and sentenced to death. Even though John then reveals the truth about the crime physically to Paul, Paul can do nothing to release him from the death penalty. When Paul asks John what he wants him to do, John explains that he wants to be executed and die so he can finally rest in peace from the cruelty and pains of the world.

John says, “I’m tired, Boss. Tired of being on the road, lonely as sparrow in the rain. I’m tired of never having a buddy to be with, to tell me where we’re going to, coming from or why. Mostly, I’m tired of people being ugly to each other”.

What make me continued to be sad and can’t stop weeping is how such beautiful soul with miracle ability is being treated as criminal; how life could be so harsh and cruel to him; why fate doesn’t give him a little favor/mercy? It’s just too sad and painful story; good that it is only a fiction.

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Inglourious Basterds

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In general I am not fond of any movie about war, but I am intrigued by this movie. When I see this movie for the first time on HBO (I have neither read its review nor seen the trailer yet), the first thing that interests me is the title, the misspelled of “basterds”.  Then, when the movie starts, I really enjoy the music and I continue to watch it as I see one of the casts is Daniel Bruhl, I like him :).

But, my joy is distracted by the appearance of Brad Pitt. He might be a famous and great actor, but the way he talks and his accent in this movie is incredibly unattractive. Every time he talks, he sounds as like a man got toothache. Maybe, just maybe Michael Fassbender should play as Aldo Raine. He probably could present Aldo Raine’s character better. It is shame that he only gets very short role in this movie.

The best part about this movie is Col. Hans Landa, played by Christoph Waltz. I have never seen any of his movies before, but he is obviously the star on this movie. Christoph Waltz has succeed picturing a malicious, unspeakable and monstrous character of Col. Hans Landa. Even since the first chapter, in the early conversations I can sense his evil character behind his sweet and courteous manner when he speaks to Perrier LaPadite. Bravo Waltz!

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By the Sea …..

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Have you seen the movie “By the Sea”? The movie is actually worth to watch. But, I am not sure if Jolie and Pitt are the best actor/actress for this movie. And the conversations ….. I know they played a couple who were in trouble relationship, but they made the movie  became boring film, too long and slow-moving. Some critics said that this movie was portraying Pitt & Jolie’s real troubled marriage life.

Apart from the actors and their boring conversations, the movie has many other things to enjoy. The movie is set in a fantastically beautiful French village (was filmed in Malta and the island of Goza, Mediterranean sea). The scenes were mostly taken in the luxurious hotel set in mid 1970s (they used the Corinthia Hotel St. George’s Bay, Malta). Malta has a proven track record with 90 years’ of history as a film location, dating back to 1925. “By the Sea” is the third movie Brad Pitt has shot on the island, following “World War Z” and “Troy.” Hundreds of different productions have been partly or entirely filmed in Malta, including Robin Williams’ 1980 “Popeye,” “Game of Thrones,” “Captain Phillips,” “Gladiator,” “The Da Vinci Code,” “Munich,” and many more. Over the summer of 2015, Malta also acted as the filming location for highly-anticipated 2016 releases including “Assassin’s Creed” starring Michael Fassbender, “The Promise” starring Christian Bale and new TV series “You, Me and the Apocalypse” starring Rob Lowe.

Then the wardrobe that Jolie and  Pitt wore on the movie, they are all luxe, classic and glamourous. Vanessa (Jolie’s character) and Roland (Pitt’s character) were like creating their own runaway on this movie, made them as the French Riviera’s most glamorous couple ever. From the accessories, Tiffany & Co ring, Kay Jewelers, oversize YSL sunglasses & Burberry’s, Tom Ford reading glasses, Louise Vuitton bag, and then the costumes are all from luxurious brands, like Rochas, Kiki De Montparnasse, Anto Beverly Hills, Diane von Furstenberg, Gucci, Borsalino, La Perla, Helmut Lang, DG, Hugo Boss, and some more. Impressive, right?

The most beautiful about this movie is the list songs in the movie soundtrack.  Jolie collaborated with Gabriel Yared for the movie soundtrack, who won an Oscar and a Grammy Award for his work on The English Patient (1996) and was nominated for both The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) and Cold Mountain (2003).  The movie has brought back some beautiful songs from 68s – 70s. One of them is the song with tittle Jane B by Jane Birkin. Yes, the Jane Birkin, who was the inspiration behind the famous Hermes handbag. Jane Birkin is a British actress, singer, and songwriter based in France. She was best known for her relationship and musical partnership with Serge Gainsbourg. The song Jane B was one of the songs that’s written by Serge Gainsbourg and first released by Jane Birkin in 1969. Then, there is Perfect Day by Harry Nilsson. Those two songs are best songs to end the movie.