What does it take for long-lasting marriage life?

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Why do people get married? Most people say because they fall in love, or other may say to settle down and build the family. Whatever reason they have, once they decide to get married, it will need a lot more things than falling in love to make a successful marriage life.

People say it is easy to fall in love. That is why there are some people once ever say “I fall in love at the first sight” and that could be true. It gives sort of illustrations how people can fall in love so easily. When people fall in love, they tend to be blind, they could not see other’s flaws/imperfectness. Every thing looks so perfect for them that they could not imagine if it perceives them, or it is only on their imagination. But, once they get married, they live in the real world. They will interact with each other for 24 hours, 7 days. After days, weeks, months …at the latest in two years, they eventually discover the real person of the one who once they dreamt of to sleep next to them every day. They finally see the real things, see their flaws, the weakness, the imperfectness that were looked so perfect. They can hide nothing.

When they come to that point, they face for what the real marriage life’s meaning. Some may question themselves if they were really falling in love, or if they really had a good reason to live forever with their couple.  Live forever with one person….forever means until one of them is no longer living.  They wonder if they were really in good state of mind when did the vow and committed to the words as “till death do us a part”, find themselves doubting their own feeling for that person. It will feel like self-awakening that could bring the marriage life either to the next level of stronger relationship or back to “zero point”.

At that time, the only way to make the marriage life last if they could start to build the love again. And have to work on it every single day and never give up. The work that is the hardest part of marriage life. Could they still have the love when they are angry to that person? Could they forgive and still have same feeling after big fighting, or maybe worse..infidelity? That is real thing about marriage.

Looking for life partner can be started by falling in love, but long way after that, the biggest part in making the marriage life last forever is building the love and maintain it, working on it day by day, till the time as they promised to each other before “death do us a part”.

When inheritance becomes a problem


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When we are talking about inheritance, whether it involves big amount of money or small one, high value of assets or very less ones, most cases are causing problems. Especially in the countries where there are many uncommon/unusual things to do relate to inheritance issues, like in Indonesia, such as:

  • Not making any Will before died. Some people may aware that making a Will is very important, but some others think that it is not necessary.
  • Many believe that it is not fine to talk about inheritance while parents still alive, even though if it is only to remind them about this issue.

Because of those things, problems arise when parents pass away. Fighting between siblings, conflict between nephews or nieces and step children (they claim that they have right over their uncle/aunt’s assets because the uncle/aunt did not have any biological child), sibling who takes parents’ money/assets without others’ acknowledgment, and a lot more cases. Many cases even cause unfinished conflicts, or worse can cause people to commit a murder. So, when this horrible thing happens, who should be blamed? Should we blame parents who did not prepare for a will? Should we blame the people who can not think or act fairly and lawfully? Of course there will be sanctions/punishments for any one who commits unlawful acts. Still, that kind of terrible thing is so unfortunate to happen; and that could be anticipated in advance.

Therefor, to parents …. it is nothing wrong to be ready with a Will. It will make things easier for your children. It will anticipate them from fighting or creating conflicts over money. To children, who have been left without any will … there are many important things in this life, family is one of them that should be in the most priority other than money, so, try to always put family over money, and, try to always think/act fairly and lawfully. That will keep your family stay together.


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We can’t choose our families …


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When we were kids, we never understood about adult world, we even never known what kind of adult we would become one day. Some children are lucky enough to have warm, caring and supporting parents. Parents who know how to raise children, have good value, and understand what are the most important in life. The kind of parents who know how to prepare their children to face the cruel world one day, make them strong, independent, yet still have big heart and love for others. I think children who raised by this kind of parents are very lucky. But, not all children are that lucky. Some have negative influence, abusive or selfish parents. Instead of thinking about their children, how to raise them to become good, independent and loving persons who have great value of life; this kind of parents just think only themselves. They just focus on themselves, their existence, their own happiness and wellbeing. Need only one parent of this kind of person, will possible to ruin children’s life in the future.

But, we as human beings were born with common sense and mind. When we grew up, we learn about what are right and wrong. We can choose what kind of person to become. Traumatic experiences may not easy to heal. Negative influence or abusive behavior from parents may leave us a mark or affect our future life. However, we own our life and we can choose how to live it. Some people grew up and become just like their parents, be as selfish or abusive as them, and say “this is what I know, this is what my parents taught me”. But, you know what….? You can do better. You can be a lot better than your parents. You can achieve more. It is your choice. It is your own life. You …the one who can decide what kind of life you want to live it, not your parents. Yes … you own it. You should always remember that.



The purpose of life

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In this life, every time we turn, every time we meet people, people will always ask; how are you doing?, how’s life?, how’s work/job?, how’s your kid’s doing? Those are questions that normally been asked to us. People always ask things that are related to our wellbeing/existence in this world. It is not normal, and even offensive/insulting if we ask other people if they know about the purpose of their life. If we ask about that, I am 100% very sure that we will get a deep frown as they think we are crazy or nonsense. But, let’s be honest, do we really know the purpose of our life? Or have we ever had a thought even at glance about that? What exactly do we live for? I am not talking about life goals, or what do we want to become one day as we asked about when we were kid. I am talking about the reason why humans are being created for. Why are we here in this world for? God must have a reason for creating human being in this world. We were not just been created, alive, eating/working, or destroy the world, then dead. There must be more meaningful reason about our life.

I believe that we will get different answers when that questions are being asked. It will depend on people life’s background, religion, etc. Christians, Buddhist, Moslem, Hindus or people with other religion may answer differently. But, in general, I am pretty sure that all religions ultimately teach us the same things, about our relationship with God  (“vertical” relationship) and “horizontal” relationship, that is about our relationship with other creations (other human beings, animals and everything that are on earth, living or non living things). Each religion may define differently about their God and have different way to communicate with their God, this is fine. The “vertical” relationship is personal thing, a matter between human and their own God, which is nothing to do with other human being. But our relationship with other creations affect all of us. The way we communicate with them, the way we treat others ( I still refer to living and non living things) give big impacts to our own life and the existence of all creations on this earth. This “horizontal” relationship is very important right now when we live on this world.

So, back to main question, what is the purpose of our life in this world? In my understanding, if we refer to those two kind of relationships which mean that the purpose of our life in this world are to preserve our relation with God (worship Him, praying, thank Him for the blessing, etc) and to maintain good relation with other creations (living and non living things). Any other thoughts, perhaps? Please comment below, if you wish to add more.


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Flower Advisor

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Inglourious Basterds

Inglorious Basterds

In general I am not fond of any movie about war, but I am intrigued by this movie. When I see this movie for the first time on HBO (I have neither read its review nor seen the trailer yet), the first thing that interests me is the title, the misspelled of “basterds”.  Then, when the movie starts, I really enjoy the music and I continue to watch it as I see one of the casts is Daniel Bruhl, I like him :).

But, my joy is distracted by the appearance of Brad Pitt. He might be a famous and great actor, but the way he talks and his accent in this movie is incredibly unattractive. Every time he talks, he sounds as like a man got toothache. Maybe, just maybe Michael Fassbender should play as Aldo Raine. He probably could present Aldo Raine’s character better. It is shame that he only gets very short role in this movie.

The best part about this movie is Col. Hans Landa, played by Christoph Waltz. I have never seen any of his movies before, but he is obviously the star on this movie. Christoph Waltz has succeed picturing a malicious, unspeakable and monstrous character of Col. Hans Landa. Even since the first chapter, in the early conversations I can sense his evil character behind his sweet and courteous manner when he speaks to Perrier LaPadite. Bravo Waltz!

The grass is always greener on the other side

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Yes, the phrase is very old saying and sounds cliche. But, we often think or have opinions that are picturing the phrase unintentionally, until we know the truth and then change our way of thinking. At that moment, we realize how true the phrase could be. We heard people say that life is not fair. We sometimes respond quickly agreeing that statement, because we think our own life is not perfect. We have lousy job or no progress in the career, a lot of needs that have not been fulfilled, marriage problems, unrequited love that silently torturing, and many more reasons that give justification for us to say “life is not fair” and “our life is not perfect”. Then, we wish that our own life will be perfect if we have a life that other certain people have, who own something that we don’t. We never know that other people probably would have thinking the same way just like us, about us. That happens often in this life.

If we talk about needs, it will never stop. We never satisfied for whatever we have owned and achieved. It is human natural instinct, always wants more.

I have friend, a couple, late 40’s. Both have a successful career, pretty house, expensive car, branded stuffs, traveling abroad almost every 2 months. We are all envy with their luxurious lifestyle. Another friend, married man with 2 children and another more on the way. His wife has stopped working since their second boy was born. Another more friend, single man, has a good job, a place to life, a car to ride, although all are not luxurious but he owns all of that stuffs. He travels as often as the first couple friend. Sometimes he just takes off on trip with no plans, which at first amazed us with his impulsive acts. He said when he gets stressed out and bored, he likes to escape to the beach or quite place for at least one or two day. That will give him an easy recharge to his mental health, he jokes about it. To any of us who are unable to just jump into the plane and take off to anywhere we want, because of time or money, we think they are both lucky. To the first successful couple, our married man friend is the most luckiest people because he has a perfect family with adorable children, a good job that can support him and family to live not in luxury way but good enough for most people. A child, that is what they want desperately. They have tried anything and spent a lot of money to get pregnant, but so far zero result.

So, in the end, wether we realize it or not, we all think the same, we want something that we don’t have, but others do. It is only a matter of time when we will admit it. When we do, sometime it’s better that we are happy for whatever we have. It does not mean that we are neither ambitious, nor have desire/goal, etc, but it is a way for being thankful for what God has given to us and patient for what’s to come. That is what we called “contented”. 


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