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Crying…? Why not?

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One time, long time ago, there was someone said to me that as a person I am too sensitive, that was because I shed tear easily. And I admitted it. I was, and I am still now. I am sensitive person, I may be a highly sensitive person. I remember when I was kid, every time I watched sad movie on the television with my younger sisters and parents; I was the only one who cried. And my sister would make fun of me for being cry over fiction on the television. Every time ….even when the movie was a silly, ridiculous and no make sense, I would still cry over sad scene. That’s why I did not like watching television. I was more into books, novels and magazine. And I love reading novel series most. When I like certain novel series, I would borrow each seri from library as many as possible and read them till finish. Sometimes after school, I just stayed in my room reading them, forgot about anything else; time, food and even bath lol…. I would move only by something that needed immediate or urgent attention, like a pee :). And If that was a sad novel, I would cry all the time I read it. The next morning, I would get puffy, swollen eyes that were not easy to cover up. Well… I have not been introduced with any make up, so it was not easy to hide it.

When I grown up as of an adult person, I thought that I will be less sensitive. But, no, it is not. Once I went to watch a movie with my 9 years old niece; a cartoon movie with title “a Little Mermaid”. After movie finished and we went out of the movie studio, she said, “were you crying? Your nose and eyes went red” … I could not lie, the evidence was there… I said yes, then we laughed together hahaha. There is another movie that really moved me, called “Life is Beautiful” with Guido as main character played by Roberto Benigni. It supposed to be a comedy-drama movie. But, again when there is a “drama”, I could never be able to hold back my tears. When I watched it for the first time, I was started to cry from the beginning of the movie was played, and my tears were not stopped till it finished. I was emotionally drowning between the sad – grief – heartbroken feeling as of why life is so cruel to them, and amused by the way Guido sees the biggest tragedy that hit his family and how he translates the tragedy and life bitterness into humor, to comfort his little son. That is really great movie about life, love and humor. I watch it many times, and still cry over it.

Yes, I admit it that I am still emotionally easy to move, even now. I think that is the way I understand other people sadness, feeling sympathy and a response as “I feel you”. I may never be less sensitive ever, but hey …. I am human; human has a feeling and I just express the feeling, sometimes loudly:). One thing I know that crying is good; it releases stress hormones and other toxins, the best mechanism to self-soothe and helps to ease pain. So crying …why not?


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