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The almost forgotten handwriting

Lately, I notice that my handwriting becomes so ugly that makes me wondering when was the last time I can write by hand as nice as when I was in elementary school. And I could not remember it. Seems that I have lost my ability to write by hand in nice way. It is too shame, especially when I remember how difficult to learn and write a good handwriting when I was in the school very long time ago. A period of time when students were graded for good handwriting which was essential. Get me to think about the urge of starting to practice writing by hand again.

Some of you may think that a good handwriting skill is not relevant anymore. We live in the era of speed and instant. Everything must be created as fast as possible. And you can produce everything in nice or pretty way instantly. There are huge numbers of applications/software to modify or make things prettier. It is not only in writing, but also in photography, design and many more. How many of us that ever send a personal email or create cards using Microsoft Word with “handwriting look-alike” fonts, at least once, instead of write a handwritten letter on the piece of paper? Have you ever tried to use any application in your handphone to make your photo prettier, put some light/contrast, do cropping, etc? I believe all us have done that.

Those kind of applications are useful and make our works easier and better. However, they make us lazy. I aware that my fingers become lazy and prefer writing on the computer. I even write my “to do list”, “groceries list” and other lists on “Notes” application in my handphone. I am less worry when the photos I took are not that nice. I can improve them using many applications such as photoshop, insta-beauty and more. In fact, now, many handphones are equipped with camera that can make any photo beautifully. How convenient is that?

Handwriting, indeed is almost forgotten. Handwriting arts become out of dates, but to me it is more like “a vintage” skill that one day, I believe, will become relevant again, or booming or trending, whatever you call it. I hope!

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