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Shoulder to cry on


shoulder to cry on, bleebloob, this & that, shanti1507, susanti1507, shanti_1507, eat & stay, jakarta, praying, blog, blogger, blogging, reality, life, problems, GodDaily life, routines sometimes do not end as we expect it. When we leave home in the morning for work, school, or any activity, we always hope that things will be running smoothly, so that we can return home again satisfiedly, knowing that we have been through the day, done our job, fulfilled our obligations in the best we can, then we do our activities again tomorrow with the same expectation.

However, sometimes thing is not happening in the way that we want it to be. We drive carefully, but still an accident happens, as there is always a careless people who is so selfish and not thinking of other people’s safety. We have prepared well for a meeting with potential customer, but still received rejections. Our boss got angry with us for stupid things that have been done by another staff. We thought that we have worked and performed well, but somebody else got promoted. And another more difficulties/problems arise that hit us unexpectedly. We mostly can not predict and avoid any accidents, disappointments, unfair treatments from people or other terrible things that happen in our life. It does not matter if they are easy problems or the biggest problem we ever had, we have to deal with it, manage and solve it at our best. That is called life, a reality that any human, ready or not have to face it.

When all that terrible things happen, by the end of the day, we can only expect to have shoulder to cry on. Parents, sister/brother, husband/wife or friends could be the kind person to share all our problems with. But, when we can not talk to any of them, what shall we do? When things are too heavy to carry by our own, where should we run to? For me, I always end up to cry to God. A long-good cry that can always lift my heavy thoughts and ease my mind. Sometimes it does not solve the problem, but at least I can see things more clearly afterwards. It is the purest, non-judgmental, and most genuine communication/relation that human being could ever have, a connection with their God. 


2 thoughts on “Shoulder to cry on

  1. Amidst the many things I am not, I want to be at least the shoulder to cry on, for my friends.
    Shanti, you now know where to look if you need one


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