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Leha-Leha Spa, Bali


When you are in Bali, you can find many places that offer spa or massage, from private/individual spa/massage that owned by personal or spa/massage that is part of hotel facilities. And there are vary in range of cost. Sometimes it is not easy to find a good spa with a good technique massage because each of us has different preference in how the massage being performed. It also depends on the therapist’s condition when they do the job at that time. Getting a reference from friend or website (for example from Tripadvisor) will help in finding the best one, that suits our preference.

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So, when I was in a need to get massage after long trip while in Bali, I read Tripadvisor and got some places to check. I made some calls, got informations about their services, prices and availability, then I went to try this Leha-Leha Spa.

This spa is owned by local, named Gusde. Located near Taksu Sanur Hotel in Sudamala street, Sanur. The place is clean and modern with touch of traditional balinese interior and decoration. Leha Leha spa has several room, including an inter-connecting couples therapy room, where guest can arrange a couple’s massage. They offer not only spa/massage, but beauty treatments as well, includes manicure and pedicure. And if you need pick up/drop off service, they can provide too. With nice and friendly staff, make the visit to this place is more enjoyable. Furthermore, the price is not that expensive. For one hour ‘Traditional Balinese Full Body Massage” is about IDR 150,000.- (plus 5% service and 10% tax). Overall, great service with fair prices. Highly recommended!


Detail information:

Leha-Leha Spa

Jalan Sudamala No 5, Sanur, Bali

Tel: 62-8113995510



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Shoulder to cry on


shoulder to cry on, bleebloob, this & that, shanti1507, susanti1507, shanti_1507, eat & stay, jakarta, praying, blog, blogger, blogging, reality, life, problems, GodDaily life, routines sometimes do not end as we expect it. When we leave home in the morning for work, school, or any activity, we always hope that things will be running smoothly, so that we can return home again satisfiedly, knowing that we have been through the day, done our job, fulfilled our obligations in the best we can, then we do our activities again tomorrow with the same expectation.

However, sometimes thing is not happening in the way that we want it to be. We drive carefully, but still an accident happens, as there is always a careless people who is so selfish and not thinking of other people’s safety. We have prepared well for a meeting with potential customer, but still received rejections. Our boss got angry with us for stupid things that have been done by another staff. We thought that we have worked and performed well, but somebody else got promoted. And another more difficulties/problems arise that hit us unexpectedly. We mostly can not predict and avoid any accidents, disappointments, unfair treatments from people or other terrible things that happen in our life. It does not matter if they are easy problems or the biggest problem we ever had, we have to deal with it, manage and solve it at our best. That is called life, a reality that any human, ready or not have to face it.

When all that terrible things happen, by the end of the day, we can only expect to have shoulder to cry on. Parents, sister/brother, husband/wife or friends could be the kind person to share all our problems with. But, when we can not talk to any of them, what shall we do? When things are too heavy to carry by our own, where should we run to? For me, I always end up to cry to God. A long-good cry that can always lift my heavy thoughts and ease my mind. Sometimes it does not solve the problem, but at least I can see things more clearly afterwards. It is the purest, non-judgmental, and most genuine communication/relation that human being could ever have, a connection with their God. 


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When Life Requires a Detour

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I was preparing salad for dinner last night. I was tearing cabbage’s leaves off before rinsing them one by one, when I saw a little worm inside the leaves. It was a little bit disturbing to find the worm as I have chosen the cabbage carefully. It is organic vegetable and looks fresh, clean, no hole on the outer leave, not even any mark of worm’s activities shown on the leave. It made me to pay more attention to wash the rest of vegetables, each leave thoroughly to make sure no more worm.

Somehow, that process reminds me of this life. We, people always plan how our life will be. At certain age, we go to pre-school, then elementary school, high school, and college/university. Then, we plan to find a job, after getting a job, we plan to get married then have children. Those are common steps that have been planned by majority people. But, along the way, not all people accomplished everything they have planned carefully before. Some did not get into a famous/favorite school because of the rank, or fail getting a job in the company they wish for. Others fail in their marriage life, or unable to have any children for many reason. There are many difficulties and unfortunate events in this life that we have to deal with, sometimes only surprise us, other time may knock us down till we think that it is the worst experience ever or it is the lowest moment in our life. The life occurrences that challenge us to make some detours from our perfect plans, or we even have to start all over again.

It is just like the cabbage and its leaves. Although we have chosen the perfect one, it does not guarantee that there’s no worm inside the leaves. We just need to tear them off one by one, rinse each leave thoroughly to make sure no dirt/worm left. Sometimes we have to cut away some un-fresh leaves, to get all fresh and clean leaves of vegetables and have a bowl of healthy-fresh salad. Or maybe when the leaves turn out all rotten/un-fresh inside, so that it is not possible to make enough fulfilling salad, we can always just switch to make scrambled eggs instead, and leave to eat salad plan for another day :).