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People have short memories

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Tamblingan Lake, Bali

Have you ever experienced unpleasant things, then had a feeling like dejavu that they have ever happened before? At that time, we could only think why we could not remember that they have ever happened.

The reason is that people have short memories. In daily life, we often experience unpleasant things, but soon we forget about that. When we face the same experience, we realize that we were ever in that situation before, but we did not take it personally then we forgot about that until we experience it again. There are two possibilities why we soon forget about the unpleasant experiences. First; we think that it will never happen again, second; we are easy to forgive.

Second thing is good one, forgiving is good. Why we should bother at small things that only give us heavy thoughts, that is what we think. Life will be easier when we do not sweat the small stuffs, many people say that. However, when we could and be able to remember all the unpleasant experiences, we could anticipate the same experiences to happen again. And if we could prevent the unpleasant experiences, we will not feel unhappy/disappointed about something. That is the most important thing. Lesson learnt today 🙂

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