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When unhappy in marriage


Marriage is a sacred vow between man and woman; it is an everlasting promise to love, honor, and cherish each other, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until they die. It is a genuine and pure connection between two people, that can withstand all challenges in life, big and small one. When two people decide to get married, they are sure that they have met the most possible perfect person who can be their partner in life for eternity; they believe that together, they will be able to conquer the world.

Many people have to go through long journey before meeting the right person who they believe are their half one. They have to go through a lot experiences, bad relationships, rejections, lies, cheating and more unpleasant experiences in relationships before ending up to meet the person that they believe the right one. Some people are lucky enough to have known their partner for quite long time before they decide to tie the knot. Some get married to their dearly friend who they known since they were in college, or high school, or even since they were kids. However, they all have at least one thing in common. When they finally decide to get married, they believe that they will spend the rest of their life with someone who they believe are their half one. They celebrate the union with a marriage; an announcement to the world that they are one; they will love, look after each other in any condition. They have pure spirit to start new life together based on not only passion, but most important are love, friendship and respect.

I write that above notes to remind any ones who are currently having a feeling that they are not happy with their marriage life because they are no longer in love with their wife/husband, fed up of their marriage, thinking of having an affair, etc. Remember all the reasons why you wanted to get married from the first place. Remember all the feelings in the beginning when you were in love with your wife/husband. Remember all the promises you have made to your wife/husband when you recited your sacred vows in front of God and your beloved families and friends. Wish all that memories could give you new perspective about your relationship/marriage.



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