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Ssst …. It’s secret!

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Secret means something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others. We all have stories that we will never tell; we all have a secret, whether it is a little, sinless secret, or a big, inappropriate, bad, and dirty secret.

The word “secret” is very powerful. That is why people like to use “secret” word to get people’s attention. You may find a lot of books, presentations or articles that started with “secret”, for example: secrets for successful business, secrets to be millionaire, secrets for stay young, etc. The word “secret” has mostly drawn people interest to get or find what is unseen/unknown by others. That is the power of “secret” word.

But, what if the secret relates to you directly? Maybe it is your own sin, your weakness, your affair, or the dirty secret that you want it to be kept from anyone?  The secret that will ruin everything you have built/owned when it’s been exposed. Or it is so sinful that can not be told to any one; it is only you and God who know it, and you wish that you bring that secret till you die.

The thing about secret is as said it supposed to be kept unknown, but we sometimes could not be able to hold it or keep it unknown. We could not bear to reveal it. Keeping secret is a real work. We need to stay alert all the time. Keeping a secret demands habitual denial, which gradually may change into self-deception. In the end it will rationalize our decisions, right or wrong; change the way we live and the way people see about us.

At the other hands, truth brings relief; even though it is hard to bear, unpleasant to think about, and miserable to consider revealing. Life will be so much easier when we are through it without any secret, lies or hidden things. Again, life is about making choices.

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