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The purpose of life

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In this life, every time we turn, every time we meet people, people will always ask; how are you doing?, how’s life?, how’s work/job?, how’s your kid’s doing? Those are questions that normally been asked to us. People always ask things that are related to our wellbeing/existence in this world. It is not normal, and even offensive/insulting if we ask other people if they know about the purpose of their life. If we ask about that, I am 100% very sure that we will get a deep frown as they think we are crazy or nonsense. But, let’s be honest, do we really know the purpose of our life? Or have we ever had a thought even at glance about that? What exactly do we live for? I am not talking about life goals, or what do we want to become one day as we asked about when we were kid. I am talking about the reason why humans are being created for. Why are we here in this world for? God must have a reason for creating human being in this world. We were not just been created, alive, eating/working, or destroy the world, then dead. There must be more meaningful reason about our life.

I believe that we will get different answers when that questions are being asked. It will depend on people life’s background, religion, etc. Christians, Buddhist, Moslem, Hindus or people with other religion may answer differently. But, in general, I am pretty sure that all religions ultimately teach us the same things, about our relationship with God  (“vertical” relationship) and “horizontal” relationship, that is about our relationship with other creations (other human beings, animals and everything that are on earth, living or non living things). Each religion may define differently about their God and have different way to communicate with their God, this is fine. The “vertical” relationship is personal thing, a matter between human and their own God, which is nothing to do with other human being. But our relationship with other creations affect all of us. The way we communicate with them, the way we treat others ( I still refer to living and non living things) give big impacts to our own life and the existence of all creations on this earth. This “horizontal” relationship is very important right now when we live on this world.

So, back to main question, what is the purpose of our life in this world? In my understanding, if we refer to those two kind of relationships which mean that the purpose of our life in this world are to preserve our relation with God (worship Him, praying, thank Him for the blessing, etc) and to maintain good relation with other creations (living and non living things). Any other thoughts, perhaps? Please comment below, if you wish to add more.


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