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Flower Advisor

Have you ever experienced having the busiest days that made you forgot about special day of your loved ones, or your wedding anniversary celebration, or your children’s birthdate, etc, and you totally forgot to buy/prepare any present? Clock ticking and you have no idea what to buy for the present/gift. Well….there is a way out here. Flower Advisor is Indonesian online florist that offers “same day & next day flower delivery to Indonesia and any countries across the globe”. Flower Advisor does not only offer flowers delivery, but also gift delivery (gift for baby, special gift for woman/man), cake, teddy bear and exotic chocolate for any special occasions, such as birthday, anniversary, Woman Day, Eidil Fitr, Christmas, Get Well Soon, Secretary Week, New Borns, Fathers Day, etc. And again, they deliver to any countries across the world.

International Delivery
When your loved ones are away for a business, study, or tourism, you are still able to make them feel special with a beautiful bouquet and gift. Flower Advisor has loyal customers from all around the world, which the main covered areas are United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Korea, Japan, Canada, Italy, Spain, Mexico, France, and Australia.

If you need to book any flower/gift delivery, please click on this banner.



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