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The grass is always greener on the other side

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Yes, the phrase is very old saying and sounds cliche. But, we often think or have opinions that are picturing the phrase unintentionally, until we know the truth and then change our way of thinking. At that moment, we realize how true the phrase could be. We heard people say that life is not fair. We sometimes respond quickly agreeing that statement, because we think our own life is not perfect. We have lousy job or no progress in the career, a lot of needs that have not been fulfilled, marriage problems, unrequited love that silently torturing, and many more reasons that give justification for us to say “life is not fair” and “our life is not perfect”. Then, we wish that our own life will be perfect if we have a life that other certain people have, who own something that we don’t. We never know that other people probably would have thinking the same way just like us, about us. That happens often in this life.

If we talk about needs, it will never stop. We never satisfied for whatever we have owned and achieved. It is human natural instinct, always wants more.

I have friend, a couple, late 40’s. Both have a successful career, pretty house, expensive car, branded stuffs, traveling abroad almost every 2 months. We are all envy with their luxurious lifestyle. Another friend, married man with 2 children and another more on the way. His wife has stopped working since their second boy was born. Another more friend, single man, has a good job, a place to life, a car to ride, although all are not luxurious but he owns all of that stuffs. He travels as often as the first couple friend. Sometimes he just takes off on trip with no plans, which at first amazed us with his impulsive acts. He said when he gets stressed out and bored, he likes to escape to the beach or quite place for at least one or two day. That will give him an easy recharge to his mental health, he jokes about it. To any of us who are unable to just jump into the plane and take off to anywhere we want, because of time or money, we think they are both lucky. To the first successful couple, our married man friend is the most luckiest people because he has a perfect family with adorable children, a good job that can support him and family to live not in luxury way but good enough for most people. A child, that is what they want desperately. They have tried anything and spent a lot of money to get pregnant, but so far zero result.

So, in the end, wether we realize it or not, we all think the same, we want something that we don’t have, but others do. It is only a matter of time when we will admit it. When we do, sometime it’s better that we are happy for whatever we have. It does not mean that we are neither ambitious, nor have desire/goal, etc, but it is a way for being thankful for what God has given to us and patient for what’s to come. That is what we called “contented”. 


Picture above is taken at Secret Garden Village, Bali. You may like to read my thought about that place here. And if you need to book an accommodation in Bali, you may search on this web: or


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