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How strong woman could be?

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How strong woman could be? When you are a housewife with two teenagers and one preteen, you already have hands full to manage them. Many parents, or mostly mothers say that raising a teenage is the most challenging moment in every parenting time. They say how things could be very difficult or awful if they don’t manage, or more precisely don’t have high patience and tolerance in facing their “in many cases” unstable behavior, rebellion attitude, etc.

Those are not even the main issue when your husband is being imprisoned for 2 years. How shall you face this kind of situation? Any woman would never imagine if she will have to go through this kind of crisis in their future life. Maybe you are lucky enough to be a rich family, so money won’t be an issue. But, how about another a lot of things? How do you keep your domestic life running smoothly alone? How do you handle your children  alone? How to keep them safe? This is what Ibu Vero (Pak Ahok’s wife)’s facing right now. And I believe she has more and more things to face, other than that.

As a woman, I couldn’t imagine how she is always being able to look calm and smile to people, until recently when she read her husband letter to public. I know that she must be broken-heart inside, but she is undoubtedly very strong woman, a strong wife and mother who will support her husband and family for whatever happens. A truly woman with character. I salute your courages and strength, Ibu Vero! God never sleeps, give your worries to Him, have peace and believe that you put them in good hands.


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