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Terror attack …when will it end?

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We live in in the world that is full of chaos. Never ending wars in the Middle East, the constant terror attacks that happen everywhere; suicide bombs, shooting attacks and many more terror incidents which kill unnumbered people.

People went to Church or Mosque to pray, they got bombed. People went to music concerts and got bombed. What have those people done that made other people thinking they are deserved to die? In most terror attacks, the victims were not only men, but also women, elder people and children. They are innocent, never done anything wrong to you directly, never insulted you personally, you didn’t even know this people. So why ….???

The world and all creatures that live on it are God’s creation. We have absolutely no right to destroy, kill nor ruin them. In all religions, we have been taught about God’s absolute ownership over His creations. That means that humans do not have unrestricted freedom to misuse His creations, as His creations are not belong to us. You said you kill for your religion, … which religion is that?

Are you challenging God to punish us for destroying the world? Have not you learnt from our history in the past, when God punished humans for their sins, their betrayal, their inability to control human’s destructive nature?  If only we could learn ……

#Pray for the Better World #Pray for Humanity # Pray for Peace



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