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Fasting month around the corner!

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Fasting month, or Ramadan is just around the corner  … 🙂 In Indonesia, it will be started around 27th May this year. Just like any other Moslems, I am too looking forward to meeting this special month.

As all we know, Ramadan is a holy month for Moslems. It is a full month of “blessing”, as narrated Abu Hurairah: Allah SWT’s Messenger said, “When the month of Ramadan comes, the gates of Paradise are opened and the gates of (Hell) Fire are closed, and the devils are chained.” [Sahih al Bukhaari #3277].  Fasting is more than just abstaining from food, it is an exercise in self-restraint, not only from bad habit, indecent speech and but also lustful desires as well. Ramadan is a time to detach from worldly pleasures and focus on one’s prayers.

Ramadan is the most important month in a year, but Ramadan this year is pivotal moment considering the current situation in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta where more people are still consumed by the increasing friction over religion and race. I hope this blessing month will bring more peace to every one. For all Moslems, let’s focus on the purpose to prepare ourselves spiritually, mentally and physically in taking full advantage of this holy month. Put down our ego, clear our heart away from the hatred and stop provoking other people in the name of religion. Let’s just concentrate on improving ourselves, so Allah SWT will bless us to move easily to the next level spiritually. Amin. 


The image  above is Masjid Ramlie Musofa, located at Jalan Danau Sunter Raya Selatan Blok I/10 No. 12C – 14A, Sunter Agung, Tanjung Priok, Kota. This mosque was built by H. Ramli, a Chinese who converted to Moslem. The architecture of this mosque looks like a mixture of Chinese culture, Indonesia and India. There is a carved letter of Al-Fatihah engraved in Chinese and Arabic letters on the main ladder leading into the mosque. Chinese and Arabic letters can also be found at the door of the mosque and also in the prayer area. If we view at a glance, this mosque looks like the Taj Mahal in India. 



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