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Can we fall in love again?

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Loosing our love of life is miserable. The intense feelings and a lot of memories that have been shared together were not easy to be dismissed from our mind and heart. We may keep moving forward, live our life, but we can still remember it; the thought, specific scents, happy moments or even the unpleasant ones that bring our mind to him/her. We never thought that simple thing could startle us, freeze our time for a glance, stopping us from doing what we are in at that moment while his/her foggy image’s flashing. Even when we are soon going back to the reality, that still affect us … the pain and deep grief that almost taken over all our sanity and consciousness, make us feel like walking in the cloud.

While many recommend us to let go of the past, certain memories will always stay for long time. However, when we have been able to let go of the past, there are still some benefits for us to remember the past, things that remind us about a few things, such as:

If you ever lost someone you loved, I meant “deceased”, it will remind us that every human being will eventually die one day, including us. By remembering that, we know that life is temporary and short, nothing is forever in this world. So, it would be better for you to live your brief life to the fullest till one day your day’s coming to re-join your love of life.

If you have been loved by someone deeply, even now it’s no longer happen, remember that you have once became someone’s significant other. Although, it may be difficult to find anyone like her/him again in your life, just remember that you were ever been so special, and you could be that version of you, again. Sometimes, just remembering that moments when he/she gave you a certain look that you couldn’t find in any others, could give you warmth feeling in your hearts and remind you that true love does exist.

On the contrary, if you have ever loved someone so deep, and now you are no longer together, for any reason, remember that you could give very special love to someone. And you can give another love to anyone again, better love, to better person, who will appreciate it more. Because love has no measure, no limit …. you just have to open your heart. Not easy as it said, but when you start to open your heart, you never know what it will give you. Sometimes the second true love could be the greatest one.


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