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Have we run out of the time?

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I remember when I was kid, in the school, teacher asked what we wanted to become when we grown up. Then the kids answered a simple word: a doctor, a pilot, a teacher, an astronaut,  a judge, etc. When we entered adulthood, our life goals changed. In general, we wanted to find our love of life, have a good job, get married, have children and happily ever after. Some may have different order of the lists, but mostly nearly the same things.

Then, now ….in the current moment …when we have been living almost half way or maybe past half way of our life and there are few things that we wanted or planned to have from the beginning, but we haven’t achieved it, yet. We may have run out of time to complete one or two of our life goals. We probably have missed the opportunity to get everything that we ever wanted it when we set the life goals. If we think about that, we would probably think that our life is failure; we feel sad because there are things we can’t accomplish yet, probably never;  we think that life is not fair because no matter how hard we tried we can’t success to reach any goals we have planned. Guess what? Yes, …life may be not fair. Some people may get everything they want, other people may get half, some other more get very less. But, that is life …. the complex, uncertain and mysterious things that human being never been able to comprehend. That is the art of life. God has a perfect plan for each of His creatures, beyond our understanding. As much as we want to plan our life, God has a way to surprise us with unexpected things that will make us happier than what we originally planned.

So, whatever condition you are in right now, cherish for what God has given to you, be the best version of you as whatever role you play at the moment, do good to others and let God take care of the rest. Because that are the only best ways we can do to live our life.


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