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“Love you, hate you”

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1000 candles for Ahok, Surabaya

Thursday, 11 May 2017

I was receiving a sad news about one of my dearest friend who passed away that day. She was suffered from medical complications. She got diagnosed with kidney tumors around March 2017. Her condition was worsening fast and she didn’t awake after surgery. I was shocked when I got this sudden sad news. She was only 46 years, still young, active, very kind person.

This kind of news always reminds me how life is really mysterious. Life is full of uncertainties. We will never know when our time on this world is up until it’s over. We never know if today will be our last day, or tonight will be our last sleep  and if we never meet tomorrow. Dead will come to any existence that live, any time, soon or later. That is the only absolute thing in this world.

That got me to think …. why do we keep hatred on our heart? Why can’t we forgive anyone who has truly apologized? Why do we focus on the differences about religion, race/ethnicity, etc and keep on spreading out the rage, antipathy and detestation? When will all this madness finish? When will we start to remember that all things in this world are temporary? When our time in this world ends, we will not be able to bring anything but our soul. So, let us take care of our soul … free them from any negative and toxic emotions … let our soul be ready for anytime our time is over. Life is short!



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