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Does True Love still Exist?

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While people in France are giving full attention to the event which will influence their life for the next five years in the final round of 2017 presidential election, people around the world …almost 🙂 are paying more attention to one of the top-two candidates, Mr. Emmanuel Macron, the former economy minister, especially his private life.

The 39 years old good-looking candidate’s private life seems to be more interesting to be discussed than his political experience history. He’s married to his ex school teacher, 24 years his senior whom he met when he was in secondary school. Based on ebook Emmanuel Macron: Un Jeune Homme Si Parfait by Anne Fulda, published by Plon, Mr. Macron tells the story: “It was at secondary school, through drama, that I met Brigitte. It was surreptitiously that things happened and that I fell in love. Through an intellectual bond, which day after day became ever closer. Then emerged a lasting passion.” Meanwhile, Mrs. Macron (back then was still Mrs. Brigitte Trogneux Auziere), recalls that when she arrived at La Providence, “all the teachers were buzzing about Emmanuel”. Her own daughter, Laurence, a classmate of Macron’s, also spoke of him as “that amazing guy” who “knows everything about everything”. Emmanuel was not in the French class Brigitte taught (though she did teach his brother, Laurent, and sister, Estelle) but only her drama classes, where she found herself in awe of his “exceptional intelligence, a way of thinking that I had never ever seen before”. As often happens with romantic couples, it all started with words. “Every Friday, for several months, we spent several hours working on a play together,” Macron writes. “Once the play was written, we decided to produce it together. We chatted about everything. The writing became an excuse. I felt that we had always known each other.”

To many people outside France, their 24 years of age difference has raised everyone’s eyebrow, if I may say it is more like “public shocking”. Seems that it’s stunned everyone. And more chatter and speculation about Mr. Macron’s position in their relationship. But, many other people also say that the age difference between Mr. & Mrs. Macron is the same as the one between Mr. and Mrs. Trump. So, why do people tend to be more tolerant to The Trump’s situation, than The Macrons? Isn’t it double standard?

Fallen in love with his 24 years elder teacher when he was even before reaching his adulthood (he was then 16 years old and the official age of adulthood in France is 18), while she herself was a married lady with three children, they obviously have passed through challenging long roads to prove their love affair. So, maybe it is a true love. For the sake of romantic soul in everyone’s heart which is almost gone in this materialistic and phony world, I really wish that it is true love. Is it …. ???


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