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Flower Bouquets for Pak Ahok & Pak Djarot

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There is unusual view in Jakarta’s Mayor Office lately. A large number of  flower bouquets have been delivered to mayor office since two weeks ago non-stop till today. Oh they are not only flower bouquets nor a kind of wreath, but most of them are flower boards, which costs at least IDR 500.000 each. Thousands of flower boards have filled up in mayor office and its yard. In several days, as the delivery of flower boards keep on flowing, they put the old flower boards to Monas area. So, mayor office and Monas now suddenly become new trend tourist destinations. People keep coming to mayor office, not only to see the Mayor, greet and take picture with him, but also want to see and take picture all those flowers. And it’s not only local, but many foreign people come to witness this phenomenon.

Yes, this is phenomenal. What do you call to any condition where the candidate who has lost in the mayor election, but still receives thousands of flower bouquets, while the winner receives so few? And the flower bouquets were not sent only by Jakarta people, but also by people outside Jakarta, people who don’t know the Mayor at all nor live/work in Jakarta. Where on earth that ever happen before? 

More interesting is about the messages on the flower boards. They are not only “thank you” note, “wish of luck” note, but also “broken-heart” note which written in humorous and entertaining messages/quotes. These are some of them:

  • “Kami yang mencintaimu lebih dari yang kau tahu” (group sepi yang gagal move on)
  • “Terima kasih, mencintaimu sangat cepat bagiku, melupakanmu butuh waktu lama. Tunggu kami amnesia dulu biar bisa move on”.
  • “Kalau aku disuruh melupakanmu, aku mau ke kelurahan dulu, minta surat keterangan tidak mampu”.
  • “Pak Ahok & Pak Djarot, you may lose the election, but you win our hearts”.
  • “Kita pernah bahagia banget sampe nangis, sekarang kita sedih banget sampai gak bisa nangis” (grup baper – yang berusaha setrong).
  • “dariPada mAnis dan berSandiwara, lebih baik menoHok tapi kerDja nyata”, terima kasih baDja. (dari kami yang ikhlas diputus paksa).
  • “Terima kasih atas jasamu” (dari kami yang patah hati ditinggal saat lagi sayang2nya).
  • “Hai mantan terindah, hati kami memang patah tapi cinta kami tak akan goyah”.
  • “Pak Ahok & Pak Djarot, terima kasih buat simpang susunnya, bisa tolong susun hati kami yang patah ini?” (Kami yang lagi mungutin kepingan hati).
  • “Pak Ahok & Pak Djarot, Bapak tidak kehilangan kami, tapi Jakarta kehilangan Bapak. Kami patah hati, Pak. Putus lagi cintaku, Pak”.
  • “Terima kasih Pak Ahok & Pak Djarot, sedihnya kaya putus cinta, padahal kenal juga engga” (HVMB Tulungagung).
  • “Pak Ahok – Pak Djarot yang terbaik, Bali siap menerima Anda” (dari kami penggemar berat Bapak – kaum kafir & penggemar lemak babi ABCD/Anak Bali Cinta Damai).
  • “Cinta & sayang aku kayak kuku, biar dipotong juga tetap tumbuh”.
  • “Pak Ahok & Pak Djarot, ditinggal doi kami kuat, ditinggal Bapak kami gak kuat”.
  • “Pak Ahok & Pak Djarot, adalah pemenang di hati kami” (Ibu-ibu cantik se-DKI).
  • “Kami patah hati dan tidak punya hasrat lagi”.
  • “Pak Ahok & Pak Djarot, how can we move on, we were still in love with you?” (Arisan emak2 galau 3S).
  • “Pak Ahok & Pak Djarot, kami tanpamu seperti butiran debu”.

And the best quotes is:

  • “Ahok & Djarot, bukan APBD saja yang kau kunci, hatikupun kau kunci” (this is ironically very entertaining, but relieving lol…).

In many cultures around the world, sending flower represents giving attention/affection and support. A flower, a bunch of flower or even a bouquet of flower gives intimates meaning, but a flower board gives big impression. It’s strong statement to let public know about their attention and support. So, aside from its political relates and other issues, I believe that people who sent this flowers are truly caring and appreciating Pak Ahok & Pak Djarot. The two of them have indeed done real and wonderful jobs in creating “a better Jakarta”. And I wish nothing but better opportunity for him to do more, not only for Jakarta, but for Indonesia.

Let’s also not forget, this phenomenon has created good business for florists in Jakarta and a rare entertainment for many people :).


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