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Some Things are Worse than Divorce

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Some things are worse than divorce. Divorce can be devastating and many people struggle greatly with making this decision. But if you have tried to heal your relationship to no avail, there are many things worse than getting divorce: 

  • Being emotionally and physically abused is worse
  • Staying in relation with the one you do not love is worse
  • Accepting less than you deserve is worse
  • Being lied to or cheated on is worse
  • Being in relationship because you do not want to alone is worse
  • Pretending you are ok when you are not is worse

Getting a divorce or leaving a broken relationship is painful, but you are deserve to be happy.

I just read that on My Simple Reminders Instagram account and can’t help to share it here.

I am not sure if most people would agree with all those statements, but to me the first one is definitely good reason for people to leave an unhealthy relationship. Many couples stay in unbalance or broken relationship for many reasons, could be religion, children, love, etc. Many people strangely still love and forgive their couple after being cheated on. It’s not our right to question their decision, but abusive/violence is intolerable. Any thought? Welcome to leave any comment below.



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