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Are you real or hallucinating?

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As a woman,  it is normal that we are into fashion, beauty and anything relates to that. We love to see celebrities and people who become a fashion/beauty trendsetter and wonder if we can do the same. We try to find out how they do the make up, what fashion brand they wear, etc. Social media has become a great tool to access those kind of information. Yes, many people love to follow the trend. I do, too.

There was a period of time when I was so into high heels. I was in love with shoes from Sophia Webster. Their signature styles shoes were really fascinated me, actually it still does. This brand has created stunning, unique and pretty shoes, inspired by angel wing on most of their items. The only my problem was that it’s too expensive for me. And I am not the kind of people who likes to spend more than I can afford to just to get “wow” from other. To have the shoe from this brand might be only my dream. Yes, I could buy on credit or installment (many Indonesian credit cards offer this feature for buying luxurious fashion items), but I still thought that it was a little bit too much. I always compared how many Pedro/Staccato shoes I could get by buying one piece of this Sophia Webster lol.

But, I know some people who will do anything to get “wow” from other, or get accepted by certain community, or just to declare that they are part of “A-list”. They always talk about luxurious brands in every conversation, tell people about an “A-lister” they know, etc. I am not judging this people. In the end, we will know whether this people truly have knowledge about luxurious brands, or if they actually know that famous people, or not. Most happens, it’s all just talk, that makes us laughing.

There was another story that’s gone viral since last year. A woman who got married with a man after 7 days meeting via dating online Tinder. She told people on 2nd day since they met, he gave her an expensive car (Honda HRV), 3day meeting he bought her a $ 4 billion luxurious watch, day 4th he proposed, day 5th they met her parents, day 6th wedding preparation and day 7th they got married. That sounds suspicious to me. Many people misdoubt about this story, but this couple  told it boldly, with confident not only to online media but also on TV. Later, we know everything behind this story ….the fake watch, fake story, etc. So much they do just to get in the spotlight lol…

So, I guess many people never cease to amaze me.  What they do to get famous, to get accepted by certain community, to get “wow” from others, to get a label as “branded-things user”, etc. That made myself starting to wonder, have I ever done such kind of thing, or a little bit close to that? Am I real or hallucinating?  How about you???

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