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Let’s pause …..

lets pause, silent moment, good sleep, this & that, bleebloob

Lately, my unable to sleep in the night is getting worse. I usually would fall asleep an hour or two past midnight (can’t notice the exact time, of course), but now I am lucky if I feel sleepy at 3.00 in the morning. This is absolutely not good for health, I admit it, but to be honest I enjoy it sometimes.

Past midnight becomes my favorite time. The moment when other people have fallen asleep, no sound of any traffic … and if you are lucky you can hear the wind sighs :). That is the perfect silent time when you can listen to your own head, see your reflection to your past, wondering what have you done in this life and what you wanna do in the future, what are your wish lists, what is the meaning of your life, uh …this one is heavy …lol, and a lot more thoughts or strange questions that wouldn’t pass by on your mind even at glance during the day. Routine, job, family matter, unfriendly condition about the place where we live, i.e. the bustling and crowded Jakarta have taken over our head. It feels like impossible to just have a freeze second moment when we can talk to ourselves. Even though, we do really need that sometimes, only we don’t realize it.

So, back to you….when was the last time that you’re really talking to yourselves? If you’re unable to remember it, maybe it’s a time to do that. Find a time between your busy schedule or routine … get a pause time, say hello to yourselves, maybe you can do it while you pray, too. It will do good for you, for your own sanity.


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