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Will We Clone a Person?

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In the current moment, traveling by an airplane is common thing. It’s the fastest transportation method that people can rely on.  But, before the 1400s people were only dreamt to fly, until Leonardo da Vinci got the idea about flying and started to draw machines resembling hang gliders. The first aircraft was invented by The Wright Brothers on December 1903, about 300 years later.  Just as people say, if you can dream about it, you can do it. It was started as a dream/imagination, now people can enjoy flying on airplanes. It’s human nature to have curiosity about unknown things. And more intelligent people have created a lot of great inventions, which make our life easier.

But, should we consent to any kind of discoveries and inventions without any consideration? How about a clone? I remember when scientists from Scotland announced about their first success in cloning a sheep, the famous Dolly in 1997. It has created public debate about the possible benefits and dangers of cloning. Dolly was actually not the first ever cloned mammal. There were other sheep, Megan & Morag, also another six sheep cloned in Cambridge, UK in 1984. But Dolly was the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell, while the others were from an embryo cell. The successful of Dolly cloning has quicken the progress in stem cells research. Although, research on this subject has become one of the most controversial topics and raised many religious and ethical questions regarding the research being done, but in this decade, stem cell technique has been used in many medical treatments, cosmetics, and a lot more. And stem cell research is still ongoing. It might be not for long time, apart from religious views, ethical and legal contradictions, scientists say it is likely biologically possible to clone a human being. But, do we really need to clone a human/person? What are the implications and consequences when that happens?

That was scary thought I get that stuck in my head after watching a movie “Aeon Flux”.



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