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When Enough is Enough

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Many of you must have watched movie with the title “Enough”. Jennifer Lopez plays as Slim, a working-class waitress in a diner, who is wooed and wedded by a rich young businessman. Sounds like a Cinderella tale in modern world, her life transformed into idyllic life with loving husband, nice house and a beautiful daughter. She seems to have everything she is dreamt of. Little did she knows that her husband is anything but perfect. He turns out to be obsessive, abusive and violence, that forced her to go on the run with her little daughter.

People say, in most cases, there is sign or warning in a relationship long before a man starts abusing his wife or girlfriend. But, some happen unexpected, or maybe the woman could not see it before, or ignore it in hope that he will change. Regardless the reason, history or gender, violence against anyone is unacceptable and devastating for everyone who is subjected to it, that includes domestic violence. Marriage paper does not give any privilege or immunity granted to man/woman to abuse their couple. Although, some people, generally women are not aware enough about that. Some may realize that it is wrong, but they just accept it, for any reason. The thing is, once people committed violence and other do nothing about it, strong possibility that it will happen again. They will think that they have done nothing wrong and allowed to do that. But, it is wrong. People should know this.

So … to  anyone, who is currently caught up in that kind of situation, please remember, you are precious, wake up and do something. At least speak up. There is always a way for any problem, and that is not to be a freely available being harmed by anybody, mentally or physically.


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