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Let go or hold back ……


let go or hold back, love, relationship, love forever, this & that, bleebloobOne day, one of my close friend, a single, charming and independent lady, tell me her story. She gets connected again with one of her very long lost male friend. They went to same junior high school back then. This man now is married with two teenagers and lives in different city. He and my friend exchanges a lot of messages, at first about general subjects related to their school, friends, etc. Then, this man reveals that he adored her since they were in school and still has that feeling until now. She’s surprise and wonder. She remembers she was always be a grumpy and cynical, especially toward him. She says she is happy that they connect again, so she could at least apologize to him for her behavior.  And in a few month their correspondences become more frequent and intimate.

Long story sort…. they decide to meet again in their home town, to also reunite with their old friends. In her observance when they finally meet again, he seems still be smitten with her. And at the last day of their staying, they hook up. It’s not really great experience for both of them, especially for her. Back to the city where they live, they still communicate, after all they are friends. But, she can feel that something changes. She feels miserable and little bit heartbroken. She understands the situation very well and doesn’t expect anything from him, but she can not let him go. Not yet, not right now….she says to me.


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