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That’s one of the scariest words for any couple. No one would want to get into that situation. Relationship really needs big effort to make it works. It doesn’t matter how long the relationship is… needs two parties to tango in harmony..all the time. In every relationship, there is always one person who loves less or more. That is normal, it will still work well if they both intend to make it works.

But, what if one of them is then being dishonest and cheat? There is always a reason to find for a people who cheats. And in any circumstances, the one who will be blamed is the other woman/man. He/she will be bullied/blamed for getting into someone’s relationship. People would less care to know who started it first and how, but only to see that someone’s relationship has broken because of her/him.

If the cheating one is then “awake” and back to his/her partner, their relationship would never be the same again. It’s hard to fix a broken heart..people say. If in the case, the couple breaks up and the cheating one leaves for the other woman/man, people will always put a mark on the other woman/man as a bad person. And one thing to think of… Is there any guarantee that the cheating one will not cheat again?

Something to always put in mind before getting into someone’s relationship.