We can’t choose our families …



When we were kids, we never understood about adult world, we even never known what kind of adult we would become one day. Some children are lucky enough to have warm, caring and supporting parents. Parents who know how to raise children, have good value, and understand what are the most important in life. The kind of parents who know how to prepare their children to face the cruel world one day, make them strong, independent, yet still have big heart and love for others. I think children who raised by this kind of parents are very lucky. But, not all children are that lucky. Some have negative influence, abusive or selfish parents. Instead of thinking about their children, how to raise them to become good, independent and loving persons who have great value of life; this kind of parents just think only themselves. They just focus on themselves, their existence, their own happiness and wellbeing. Need only one parent of this kind of person, will possible to ruin children’s life in the future.

But, we as human beings were born with common sense and mind. When we grew up, we learn about what are right and wrong. We can choose what kind of person to become. Traumatic experiences may not easy to heal. Negative influence or abusive behavior from parents may leave us a mark or affect our future life. However, we own our life and we can choose how to live it. Some people grew up and become just like their parents, be as selfish or abusive as them, and say “this is what I know, this is what my parents taught me”. But, you know what….? You can do better. You can be a lot better than your parents. You can achieve more. It is your choice. It is your own life. You …the one who can decide what kind of life you want to live it, not your parents. Yes … you own it. You should always remember that.



The purpose of life


Amanusa Resort, Bali

In this life, every time we turn, every time we meet people, people will always ask; how are you doing?, how’s life?, how’s work/job?, how’s your kid’s doing? Those are questions that normally been asked to us. People always ask things that are related to our wellbeing/existence in this world. It is not normal, and even offensive/insulting if we ask other people if they know about the purpose of their life. If we ask about that, I am 100% very sure that we will get a deep frown as they think we are crazy or nonsense. But, let’s be honest, do we really know the purpose of our life? Or have we ever had a thought even at glance about that? What exactly do we live for? I am not talking about life goals, or what do we want to become one day as we asked about when we were kid. I am talking about the reason why humans are being created for. Why are we here in this world for? God must have a reason for creating human being in this world. We were not just been created, alive, eating/working, or destroy the world, then dead. There must be more meaningful reason about our life.

I believe that we will get different answers when that questions are being asked. It will depend on people life’s background, religion, etc. Christians, Buddhist, Moslem, Hindus or people with other religion may answer differently. But, in general, I am pretty sure that all religions ultimately teach us the same things, about our relationship with God  (“vertical” relationship) and “horizontal” relationship, that is about our relationship with other creations (other human beings, animals and everything that are on earth, living or non living things). Each religion may define differently about their God and have different way to communicate with their God, this is fine. The “vertical” relationship is personal thing, a matter between human and their own God, which is nothing to do with other human being. But our relationship with other creations affect all of us. The way we communicate with them, the way we treat others ( I still refer to living and non living things) give big impacts to our own life and the existence of all creations on this earth. This “horizontal” relationship is very important right now when we live on this world.

So, back to main question, what is the purpose of our life in this world? In my understanding, if we refer to those two kind of relationships which mean that the purpose of our life in this world are to preserve our relation with God (worship Him, praying, thank Him for the blessing, etc) and to maintain good relation with other creations (living and non living things). Any other thoughts, perhaps? Please comment below, if you wish to add more.


Picture above is taken at Amanusa Resort, Bali. If you are interested to book a room in this hotel, you may check the current rate on this web: Agoda.com or Hotels.com

Booking hotel pakai nawar? Coba Travelio!

Bagi penggemar travel, pasti sudah terbiasa untuk mencari penerbangan atau akomodasi dengan harga murah. Dengan semakin banyaknya promosi dari agen travel, maskapai penerbangan dan hotel, semakin memudahkan kita untuk mendapatkan penerbangan dan akomodasi dengan harga yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan kita. Tapi pernahkah kadang-kadang kita merasa promosi yang ditawarkan sepertinya tidak efektif atau sudah harga promo tapi tetap mahal, sehingga tidak sesuai dengan bujet yang sudah kita tetapkan sebelumnya? Jadinya kita berandai-andai, coba harganya bisa ditawar ya, pastinya lebih ok.
Nah … di Travelio kita bisa mendapatkan akomodasi dengan cara menawar, sehingga kita bisa mendapatkan harga sesuai dengan bujet kita. Travelio tidak saja menyediakan hotel, namun juga apartemen,  vila, rumah dan hostel. Properti Travelio tersedia di seluruh wilayah Asia Pacifik dan Oceania.

Selain itu, booking akomodasi melalui Travelio juga ada diskon tambahan, antara lain:

Diskon hingga Rp 500.000 khusus untuk pemegang kartu kredit dari Bank OCBC NISP.
Syarat dan Ketentuan:
  • Promo berlaku untuk pemesanan sampai dengan tanggal 28 Februari 2018 dengan minimum pembayaran Rp500.000,00 (tidak termasuk cleaning fee).
  • Promo berupa diskon 10% dengan nilai maksimum diskon sebesar Rp500.000,00.
  • Hanya berlaku untuk pemilik kartu kredit yang diterbitkan oleh Bank OCBC NISP yang berlogo Visa dan Mastercard.
  • 1 (satu) pemegang kartu hanya berhak mendapatkan diskon sebanyak 1x selama periode promosi.
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  • Travelio.com berhak untuk menolak ataupun membatalkan pemesanan jika terjadi penyalahgunaan dalam bentuk apapun.

Diskon 8% khusus untuk pemilik Kartu UOB Indonesia / Singapura / Malaysia.

Syarat dan Ketentuan:

  • Periode promo: 15 Mei – 31 Desember 2017.
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  • Promo hanya berlaku untuk pemilik kartu kredit UOB Indonesia / Singapura / Malaysia.
  • Setiap pelanggan hanya bisa menikmati diskon maksimal 1 (satu) kali per kartu kredit, selama periode promosi.
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Diskon hingga Rp 300.000,- khusus pemegang Kartu Kredit dari Bank BNI.
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Cara mendapatkan promo:
  • Masuk ke http://www.travelio.com
  • Pilih lokasi & akomodasi yang diinginkan.
  • Masukkan detail kartu kredit OCBC NISP atau UOB atau BNI pada halaman pembayaran.
  • Lakukan pembayaran dengan harga baru setelah potongan diskon.

Flower Advisor

Have you ever experienced having the busiest days that made you forgot about special day of your loved ones, or your wedding anniversary celebration, or your children’s birthdate, etc, and you totally forgot to buy/prepare any present? Clock ticking and you have no idea what to buy for the present/gift. Well….there is a way out here. Flower Advisor is Indonesian online florist that offers “same day & next day flower delivery to Indonesia and any countries across the globe”. Flower Advisor does not only offer flowers delivery, but also gift delivery (gift for baby, special gift for woman/man), cake, teddy bear and exotic chocolate for any special occasions, such as birthday, anniversary, Woman Day, Eidil Fitr, Christmas, Get Well Soon, Secretary Week, New Borns, Fathers Day, etc. And again, they deliver to any countries across the world.

International Delivery
When your loved ones are away for a business, study, or tourism, you are still able to make them feel special with a beautiful bouquet and gift. Flower Advisor has loyal customers from all around the world, which the main covered areas are United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Korea, Japan, Canada, Italy, Spain, Mexico, France, and Australia.

If you need to book any flower/gift delivery, please click on this banner.


Inglourious Basterds

Inglorious Basterds

In general I am not fond of any movie about war, but I am intrigued by this movie. When I see this movie for the first time on HBO (I have neither read its review nor seen the trailer yet), the first thing that interests me is the title, the misspelled of “basterds”.  Then, when the movie starts, I really enjoy the music and I continue to watch it as I see one of the casts is Daniel Bruhl, I like him :).

But, my joy is distracted by the appearance of Brad Pitt. He might be a famous and great actor, but the way he talks and his accent in this movie is incredibly unattractive. Every time he talks, he sounds as like a man got toothache. Maybe, just maybe Michael Fassbender should play as Aldo Raine. He probably could present Aldo Raine’s character better. It is shame that he only gets very short role in this movie.

The best part about this movie is Col. Hans Landa, played by Christoph Waltz. I have never seen any of his movies before, but he is obviously the star on this movie. Christoph Waltz has succeed picturing a malicious, unspeakable and monstrous character of Col. Hans Landa. Even since the first chapter, in the early conversations I can sense his evil character behind his sweet and courteous manner when he speaks to Perrier LaPadite. Bravo Waltz!

The grass is always greener on the other side


Secret Garden Village

Yes, the phrase is very old saying and sounds cliche. But, we often think or have opinions that are picturing the phrase unintentionally, until we know the truth and then change our way of thinking. At that moment, we realize how true the phrase could be. We heard people say that life is not fair. We sometimes respond quickly agreeing that statement, because we think our own life is not perfect. We have lousy job or no progress in the career, a lot of needs that have not been fulfilled, marriage problems, unrequited love that silently torturing, and many more reasons that give justification for us to say “life is not fair” and “our life is not perfect”. Then, we wish that our own life will be perfect if we have a life that other certain people have, who own something that we don’t. We never know that other people probably would have thinking the same way just like us, about us. That happens often in this life.

If we talk about needs, it will never stop. We never satisfied for whatever we have owned and achieved. It is human natural instinct, always wants more.

I have friend, a couple, late 40’s. Both have a successful career, pretty house, expensive car, branded stuffs, traveling abroad almost every 2 months. We are all envy with their luxurious lifestyle. Another friend, married man with 2 children and another more on the way. His wife has stopped working since their second boy was born. Another more friend, single man, has a good job, a place to life, a car to ride, although all are not luxurious but he owns all of that stuffs. He travels as often as the first couple friend. Sometimes he just takes off on trip with no plans, which at first amazed us with his impulsive acts. He said when he gets stressed out and bored, he likes to escape to the beach or quite place for at least one or two day. That will give him an easy recharge to his mental health, he jokes about it. To any of us who are unable to just jump into the plane and take off to anywhere we want, because of time or money, we think they are both lucky. To the first successful couple, our married man friend is the most luckiest people because he has a perfect family with adorable children, a good job that can support him and family to live not in luxury way but good enough for most people. A child, that is what they want desperately. They have tried anything and spent a lot of money to get pregnant, but so far zero result.

So, in the end, wether we realize it or not, we all think the same, we want something that we don’t have, but others do. It is only a matter of time when we will admit it. When we do, sometime it’s better that we are happy for whatever we have. It does not mean that we are neither ambitious, nor have desire/goal, etc, but it is a way for being thankful for what God has given to us and patient for what’s to come. That is what we called “contented”. 


Picture above is taken at Secret Garden Village, Bali. You may like to read my thought about that place here. And if you need to book an accommodation in Bali, you may search on this web: Agoda.com or Hotels.com.

Kartu Debit Co-Brand Airlines

 Melanjutkan post saya mengenai “Mengumpulkan Miles Penerbangan tanpa Terbang, ada salah cara yaitu dengan penggunaan kartu debit co-brand airlines.

Kartu debit co-brand airlines adalah produk kartu debit yang dikeluarkan oleh perbankan bekerja sama dengan airlines. Perbankan sebagai pihak yang mengeluarkan kartu debit beserta produk dan kebijakan turunan yang berkaitan dengan perbankan. Sementara airlines mengeluarkan produk keanggotaan beserta benefit yang melekat pada keanggotaan tersebut. Saat ini, di Indonesia baru ada 2 (dua) airlines yang bekerja sama dengan perbankan untuk mengeluarkan kartu debit co-brand airline ini, yaitu Garuda Indonesia dan Air Asia. Garuda Indonesia sendiri, sampai saat ini sudah bekerja sama dengan 4 (empat) perbankan nasional untuk mengeluarkan kartu debit co-brand ini, yaitu: Bank Mandiri, Bank BNI, Bank BRI dan Bank BTN. Sementara itu, Air Asia bekerja sama dengan Bank CIMB Niaga untuk mengeluarkan kartu debit co-brand, yang diberi nama CIMB Niaga Air Asia Savers.

Kelebihan dari masing-masing kartu debit co-brand airlines tersebut diatas, antara lain sebagai berikut:

Kartu Debit Mandiri Garuda

Kelebihan atau keistimewaan kartu debit Mandiri Garuda adalah sebagai berikut:

  • 1.000 miles Welcome Bonus (khusus untuk anggota baru Garuda Miles).
  • Diskon 5% untuk penukaran Award Ticket.
  • Diskon 5% untuk pembelian tiket Garuda Indonesia (berlaku untuk kelas penerbangan F/J/C/Y/B/M/K/N/Q/T, rute domestik dan internasional, tidak berlaku untuk penerbangan “codeshare” dan pemegang kartu merupakan salah satu yang ikut terbang).
  • Jalur Check-in khusus sesuai tingkat keanggotaan Garuda Miles.
  • Tambahan 500 miles untuk nasabah baru Bank Mandiri dengan menjaga saldo rata-rata minimal Rp 10.000.000 selama 30 hari pertama.
  • Setiap transaksi sebesar Rp 200.000 via EDC dan e-commerce berhak mendapatkan 1 mileage berlaku kelipatan.
    Selama 6 bulan setelah peluncuran produk, setiap transaksi Rp 100.000 akan mendapatkan 1 mileage berlaku kelipatan.
  • Benefit GarudaMiles sesuai dengan tier yang dimiliki.

Untuk info lebih lanjut atau mendapatkan kartu debit ini, dapat menghubungi hubungi Mandiri Call di nomor telephone 14000.

Kartu Debit BNI Garuda

Kelebihan kartu debit BNI Garuda adalah sebagai berikut:

  • 1.000 Miles Welcome Bonus (khusus anggota Garuda Miles baru).
  • 500 Bonus Miles Pembukaan Rekening.
  • Diskon 5% untuk penukaran Award Ticket (term and condition apply).
  • Diskon 5% untuk pembelian tiket Garuda Indonesia (term and condition apply).
  • Special Check-in line sesuai dengan tier GarudaMiles yang dimiliki.
  • Setiap transaksi sebesar Rp 50,000 atau kelipatannya via POS & EDC di semua toko atau merchant BNI berhak mendapatkan 1 miles.
  • Setiap transaksi sebesar Rp 50,000 atau kelipatannya menggunakan Debit Online atau Virtual Card Number (VCN) di website Garuda Indonesia berhak mendapatkan 1 miles ( dengan syarat saldo rata-rata rekening pada saat transaksi senilai minimal Rp 5.000.000).
  • Setiap transaksi via e-Channel BNI seperti ATM BNI, SMS Banking dan Internet Banking untuk pembayaran tiket Garuda Indonesia akan mendapatkan 1 miles.
  • Cashback Rp 500,000 untuk 20 Top Spender setiap bulan (minimal transaksi belanja Rp 3.000.000).
  • Benefit GarudaMiles sesuai tier yang dimiliki.

Untuk mendapat info lebih lanjut atau mendapatkan kartu debit BNI Garuda, dapat menghubungi Call Center BNI di +62211500046.

Kartu Debit BRI Garuda

Kelebihan kartu debit BRI Garuda adalah:

  • 1.000 Miles Welcome Bonus (khusus untuk anggota Garuda Miles baru).
  • 750 Bonus Miles Pembukaan Rekening ( khusus untuk pembukaan Rekening BritAma Bisnis dengan minimal setoran sebesar Rp 5,000,000. Persyaratan umum minimal setoran untuk pembukaan rekening BritAma Bisnis adalah sebesar Rp 1,000,000).
  • 2,800 Top Up Bonus Miles {akan diberikan untuk top up dana sebesar Rp 25,000,000 dan berlaku kelipatan, yang di-hold selama 6 (enam) bulan dengan posisi saldo awal di atas Rp 10,000,000}.
  • Diskon 5% untuk penukaran Award Ticket (term and condition apply).
  • Diskon 5% untuk pembelian tiket Garuda Indonesia (term and condition apply).
  • Special Check-In Line di Bandara Soekarno-Hatta Terminal 3 Ultimate.
  • Setiap transaksi sebesar Rp 100,000 atau kelipatannya via POS & EDC di semua toko atau merchant BRI berhak mendapatkan 1 miles.
  • Setiap transaksi sebesar Rp 100,000 atau kelipatannya menggunakan ePay BRI di website Garuda Indonesia berhak mendapatkan 1 miles (term and condition apply).
  • Tambahan saldo dan transaksi e-banking BRI akan mendapatkan BRI Point yang dapat ditukarkan dengan GarudaMiles sesuai keinginan di e-Catalog BRI.
  • Tiket Gratis Senilai 20 Juta Rupiah (term and condition apply).
  • Benefit GarudaMiles sesuai dengan tier yang dimiliki.

Untuk mendapat info lebih lanjut atau mendapatkan kartu debit BRI Garuda, dapat menghubungi Call Center BRI di +62211500017.

Kartu Debit BTN Garuda

Kelebihan kartu debit tersebut kurang lebih sama dengan ketiga kartu debit diatas, yaitu:

  • 1.000 Miles Welcome Bonus (khusus anggota baru Garuda Miles).
  • 1.000 Bonus Miles Pembukaan Rekening (untuk setiap Pembukaan Rekening Batara dan Kartu Debit BTN Garuda dengan minimal setoran Rp 5.000.000 dan dihold selama 6 bulan).
  • Diskon 5% untuk penukaran Award Ticket (term and condition apply).
  • Diskon 5% untuk pembelian tiket Garuda Indonesia (berlaku untuk kelas penerbangan F/J/C/Y/B/M/K/N/Q/T. Hanya berlaku untuk penerbangan Garuda Indonesia dan tidak berlaku untuk penerbangan codeshare. Transaksi harus dilakukan di sales office, e-channel, dan contact center Garuda Indonesia).
  • Special Check-In Line di Bandara Soekarno-Hatta Terminal 3 Ultimate.
  • Setiap transaksi sebesar Rp 100,000 atau kelipatannya via POS /EDC/e-Commerce di semua toko atau merchant BTN berhak mendapatkan 1 miles.
  • Setiap transaksi pembayaran tiket Garuda Indonesia di e-Channel BTN akan memperoleh 1 miles.
  • Bonus 5,300 miles untuk setoran awal/top up dana Rp 25.000.000 yang di-hold selama 6 (enam) bulan.
  • Bonus 40 miles setiap pembelian Produk Bancassurance Ziaga Proteksi Plus dengan premi senilai Rp 100,000,-/ bulan.
  • Benefit GarudaMiles sesuai dengan tier yang dimiliki.

Untuk mendapat info lebih lanjut atau mendapatkan kartu debit BTN Garuda, dapat menghubungi Call Center BTN di +62211500286..

CIMB Niaga Air Asia Savers

Kelebihan kartu debit CIMB Niaga Air Asia Savers adalah sebagai berikut:

  • Bebas biaya administrasi, biaya kartu debit dan biaya tarik tunai melalui jaringan ATM Bersama, PRIMA, ATM CIMB Bank (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand & Cambodia) dan MEPS serta Jaringan MasterCard/ Cirrus  (term & condition apply).
  • Cash back 10% untuk pembelian tiket online melalui website www.airasia.com dengan fitur pembayaran kartu debit CIMB Niaga AirAsia Savers selama periode promo (nilai maksimal cash back per nasabah berdasarkan saldo rata-rata per bulan berlaku tiering, minimal Rp 1.000.000)

  • Mendapatkan 1 AirAsia BIG Point setiap kelipatan Rp 100.000 untuk tabungan dengan saldo rata-rata bulanan minimal Rp 2 juta.

Untuk mendapat info lebih lanjut atau mendapatkan kartu debit CIMB Niaga Air Asia Savers, dapat menghubungi Call Center CIMB Niaga di +622114041, atau klik disini.

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Fragrance Crystal Hotel, Singapore (3*)



Fragrance Crystal Hotel is a budget hotel located in the middle of the red light district in Geylang area. It is around 30 minutes by taxi from the airport.  They have three types of rooms:

  • Superior: 12 sqm, 1 queen-size/2 single-size bed, shower
  • Deluxe: 13 sqm, 1 queen-size/2 single-size bed, shower, mini  fridge
  • Superior family: 15 sqm, 1 Queen-size and 1 Single-size bed
The room and shower is standard for budget hotel, basic but clean. Interior is minimalist yet practical. Mini fridge is only available at deluxe room, no wardrobe/closet/drawer and window at all rooms can not be opened (locked permanently).

Locked window

All rooms has got facilities:
  • Free Wifi
  • Cable TV
  • Hairdryer
  • Bathroom Amenities
  • Telephone (Free Local Call)
  • Complimentary Coffee/Tea
  • Complimentary Bottled Water
Another items:
  • Safe is available at the front desk
  • Iron and Ironing Board is available upon request


Fragrance Crystal is only a 15 minute walk from the nearest MRT station called Aljunied, a 5 minute walk from bus station and also easy to find a taxi from the hotel. Many local restaurants and shops which are also a walking distance. The hotel has no restaurant or breakfast room but there are many choices outside.

I stayed in this hotel last December for 3 nights. To be honest, this was my first time to stay at the hotel in this area, so I did make a lot of searches about the hotel and reviews before decided to book the room via Agoda. I was traveling with another 3 friends stayed in this hotel, and thought this is Singapore, there should be no problem to stay in red light district area. My thought on this hotel:


  • Inexpensive room rate, unless you make the booking last minutes and at high season period (as my experience).
  • Easy access for public transportations.
  • Easy to find restaurants, but mostly Chinese food.


  • Location is in red light district area, so many massage parlors and adult shops in this particular area. Not recommended for any woman traveling solo or with children. It is safe, but not comfortable.
  • Could not get rest in this hotel as it is very noisy. You could hear other guests talking in the hallway, or from other room, even in the middle of the night or very early morning. Based on review, people suggested to request a room at higher floor which is relatively more quiet. I got a room on the 4th floor and it is still noisy.
  • No fridge, no wardrobe/closet.


Fragrance Crystal is value for money accommodation and has highly access public transportation. But, better to find another accommodation outside this area first. There are many affordable accommodation in Singapore. To me, I think this would be my first and last time to stay here.

I was staying in the hotel from 30 Dec 2016 – 2 Jan 2017. I booked via Agoda.com. I got the rate was USD 93 net/night, yes, it’s a little bit overpriced for room in that area, but it was peak season (end year) and I booked very last minute. I think in the normal season, the rate should be around USD 45 – 55 net per night. If you like to check the current rate, please click here. Or you may compare the rate with my other favorite hotel booking platform; Hotels.com.


The above link is an affiliate link. Agoda.com is my favorite site for finding great deals on hotels. I have been a member of this site since 2013 and never failed me. The best thing about this site is “PointsMAX”. It is new way to earn extra benefits, that means while you stay, you can earn points that will be converted to your favorite loyalty programs. So, when you register to Agoda, please make sure that you also register/link your loyalty program. Then, you can start earning miles on your next booking! See my detail review on “PointsMAX” here.

Detail Information

Fragrance Crystal Hotel

50 Lorong 18 Geylang, Singapore 398824

Phone: +65 6844 7888


“Jarimu Harimaumu”

Media sosial saat ini sepertinya sudah menjadi alat yang paling ampuh tidak hanya untuk mendapatkan/menyebarkan berita, promosi/jualan, gosip, kampanye, dan lain-lain, khususnya di Indonesia. Setiap orang paling tidak mempunyai satu akun di media sosial, apakah itu twitter, facebook, instagram, path, pinterest, tumblr, flickr, atau yang lainnya. Lebih banyak orang cari berita atau gosip di twitter/instagram/facebook dibanding dibanding menonton di TV karena memang berita di social media lebih up to date dan mudah diakses. Sekarang ini orang lebih banyak mencari berita/gosip di akun lambe turah, atau akun “lambe-lambe” lainnya dibanding di tv. Apalagi semakin kesini semakin banyak akun-akun berita/gosip dengan nama-nama yang spektakuler yang seolah-olah mewakili satu bangsa/satu umat, namun menampilkan berita-berita yang saling berlawanan. Semakin banyak kita baca, semakin pusing kita dibingungkan dengan berita-berita yanng beredar yang cenderung saling berlawanan. Yang memprihatinkan adalah jika kita yang orang dewasa saja pusing dengan berita simpang siur seperti ini, bagaimana dengan anak-anak? Bagaimana jika mereka membaca dan menyerap berita dari satu sisi dan meyakini kebenaran berita tersebut? Jika berita itu benar dan mendidik, tidak masalah, tapi bagaimana jika berita yang sudah terlanjur diyakini tersebut merupakan berita yang menyesatkan atau mendoktrinasi? Tidak bisa membayangkan anak-anak tersebut akan menjadi orang dewasa seperti apa nantinya.

Perkembangan media sosial dan kemudahan akses internet memang “anugerah”, jika kita bisa memanfaatkan untuk tujuan positip. Namun, tidak dapat dipungkiri bahwa “anugerah” itu saat ini sudah menjadi alat yang tidak dapat dikontrol. Orang dengan mudah sekali menulis kata-kata caci maki, teror, fitnah dan lain-lain. Aksi saling hujat, saling hina, merendahkan, dan mengolok-olok sesama di media sosial menjadi hal yang biasa. Semakin banyak nilai-nilai etika berkomunikasi yang dilanggar. Bahkan semakin banyak kejahatan muncul karena berawal dari pertikaian di media sosial. Kalau dulu orang bilang “mulutmu harimaumu”, sekarang sudah menjadi “jarimu harimaumu”. Jika kita  dulu sering mendengar “lidah lebih tajam dari pedang”, mungkin nanti akan muncul “jari lebih tajam dari pedang”.

Akankah kita diam saja membiarkan fenomena negatif ini mempengaruhi anak-anak kita, dan membentuk mereka menjadi orang dewasa yang lupa dengan tata krama sopan santun dan adat ketimuran yang terkenal itu? Semoga hal ini bisa menjadi bahan renungan bersama bagi para orang tua dan orang dewasa lainnya.

Terbang “Gratis” dengan Singapore Airlines

Kalau kalian sudah membaca post saya sebelumnya mengenai “Mengumpulkan Miles Penerbangan tanpa Terbang“, di post ini saya akan memberikan contoh sebagai bukti dari dengan mengumpulkan poin miles tersebut, kita bisa terbang “gratis”.

Saya menjadi anggota Kris Flyer sudah lama, namun jarang sekali beli tiket Singapore Airlines karena seperti yang kalian ketahui harganya lumayan mahal, kecuali kalau sedang ada diskon promo, sementara banyak alternatif low cost airline yang menawarkan tiket dengan harga affordable. Selain itu, saya juga mempunyai kartu kredit BCA Kris Flyer, sehingga dapat mengumpulkan miles Kris Flyer dengan cepat.

Saya sudah beberapa kali me-redeem miles Kris Flyer dengan award tiket penerbangan. Yang terakhir adalah tiket Jakarta – Singapore kelas bisnis tanggal 30 Desember 2016 dan tiket Singapore – Denpasar kelas ekonomi tanggal 2 Januari 2017. Untuk award tiket bisnis miles yang dipotong adalah sebesar 14.875 miles (normalnya 17.500, saat itu sedang ada promosi redemption online diskon 15%) dan biaya airport tax, dll sebesar Rp 823.500 (USD 87.28). Lalu untuk tiket ekonomi Singapore – Denpasar, miles yang dipotong sebesar 6.375 miles (normalnya 7.500 miles)  dan biaya airport tax, dll sebesar USD 86.20 (Rp 813.310,-).

Beberapa waktu yang lalu, Singapore Airline mengubah mekanisme pembayaran tiket redemption ini. Promosi redemption sebesar 15% sudah tidak ada, namun kita hanya perlu menambahkan biaya airport tax saja, yaitu untuk penerbangan dari Jakarta sebesar Rp 150.000 dan untuk penerbangan dari Singapore sebesar USD 34 (sekitar Rp 320.790). Jadi misalkan kita redeem untuk award tiket ekonomi Jakarta – Singapore, miles yang akan dipotong sebesar 7.500, ditambah biaya airport tax sebesar Rp 150.000. Untuk award tiket Singapore – Jakarta kelas ekonomi, miles yang akan dipotong sama sebesar 7.500 ditambah biaya airport tax USD 34. Lumayan sekali kan?

Dan again, as a proof, saya lampirkan e-tiket dari redemption award saya untuk penerbangan Jakarta – Singapore beberapa waktu itu.

SQ Eticket

Mengumpulkan Miles Penerbangan tanpa Terbang

Mungkin sebagian besar dari kalian sudah akan bilang: “mana bisa”. Tapi saya percaya banyak juga yang sudah mengetahui hal itu bisa dilakukan karena para traveler sekarang sudah pintar mencari cara untuk mendapatkan “good deals” dalam traveling.

Ada beberapa cara untuk mengumpulkan poin/miles/mileage penerbangan tanpa kita harus terbang sama sekali. Pertama kita rencanakan dahulu, kita akan fokus mengumpulkan miles penerbangan apa, apakah dengan Air Asia, Malaysia Airline, Garuda Indonesia atau Singapore Airlines. Dengan kita memfokuskan pada satu penerbangan, pengumpulan poin tentunya akan lebih cepat. Kenapa hanya empat airline itu saja yang saya sebutkan? Karena saat ini, baru empat airline itu saja yang mempunyai Loyalty Program yang bekerja sama dengan merchant/partner lain di Indonesia selain penerbangan, sehingga kita bisa mengumpulkan miles tanpa terbang. Lion Air dan Batik Air juga mempunyai Loyalty Program, namun dua Loyalty Program ini hanya mengumpulkan poin dari penerbangan yang sudah kita lakukan.

So, beberapa cara yang dapat kita lakukan untuk pengumpulan miles penerbangan, tanpa kita terbang sama sekali, sebagai berikut:


Pasti kalian mempunyai kartu kredit kan? Jika ingin fokus untuk mengumpulkan miles penerbangan, sebaiknya ganti kartu kredit kalian dengan jenis co-brand airline. Di Indonesia saat ini ada beberapa bank yang menerbitkan kartu kredit tersebut (saya fokus di empat Loyalty Program dari empat penerbangan diatas). Kartu kredit co-brand airline itu antara lain:

  • Kartu kredit BCA KrisFlyer (co-brand BCA dengan Singapore Airline)
  • Kartu kredit Citibank Garuda (co-brand Citibank dengan Garuda Indonesia)
  • Kartu kredit BNI Garuda (co-brand BNI dengan Garuda Indonesia)
  • Kartu kredit CIMB Niaga Big (co-brand CIMB Niaga dengan Air Asia)

Kelebihan dari empat kartu kredit co-brand diatas, dapat dilihat disini.

note: sampai saat ini (June 2017) Malaysia Airline yang mempunyai Loyalty Program dengan nama Enrich belum bekerja sama dengan perbankan di Indonesia untuk menerbitkan co-brand kartu kredit/debit card. Enrich baru bekerja sama dengan CIMB Bank dan Maybank di Malaysia untuk co-brand kartu kreditnya.


Jika kalian sudah mempunyai kartu kredit (non co-brand airline), tapi tidak mau mengganti dengan yang co-brand airline, kalian masih bisa mengumpulkan miles penerbangan dari kartu kredit jenis non co-brand ini. Setiap kalian belanja, poin dari kartu kredit tersebut dapat ditukarkan dengan miles penerbangan. Kartu kredit yang bekerja sama dengan airline untuk penukaran poin adalah dari perbankan sebagai berikut:

  • Kris Flyer (Singapore Airline): kartu kredit Amex, ANZ, BCA, BII, BN, CIMB Niaga, Citibank, Danamon, DBS, HSBC, OCBC, Panin Bank, Permata Bank, Mandiri, Standard Chartered dan UOB. Untuk detail jenis kartu kredit dan jumlah perbandingan miles konversinya, bisa dilihat disini.
  • Garuda Miles: Hampir semua kartu kredit perbankan di Indonesia bekerja sama dengan Garuda Miles. Untuk detail jenis kartu kredit dan jumlah perbandingan miles konversinya, bisa dilihat disini.
  • Enrich (Malaysia Airline): kartu kredit Amex, BII, CIMB Niaga, Citibank, HSBC, Standar Chartered dan Danamon. Untuk detail jenis kartu dan jumlah miles konversinya, bisa dilihat disini.
  • Big Air Asia: BNI, Danamon, Mandiri, Panin, CIMB Niaga, OCBC, BCA, Standard Chartered, ICBC dan UOB. Untuk detail, bisa dilihat disini.


Sampai saat ini, jenis kartu debit perbankan yang bekerja sama dengan airline baru dari Bank Mandiri, BNI, BRI dan BTN khusus untuk miles penerbangan Garuda Indonesia.

Selain itu ada beberapa jenis tabungan perbankan dimana kalian bisa mengkoversikan poin di tabungan tersebut dengan miles penerbangan, yaitu: poin extra tabungan CIMB Niaga, poin reward di Tabungan Bunga Harian bank Commomwealth dan poin reward Manchester United Debit Card (bank Danamon).


Untuk pengumpulan miles penerbangan dari penginapan/akomodasi, ada dua cara:

  • Booking langsung ke hotel terkait (pastikan memberikan nomor keanggotaan loyalty program kalian saat membuat reservasi ke hotel tersebut). Untuk detail airline yang bekerja sama dengan hotel/akomodasi ini adalah (klik link pada airline): Singapore Airline, Garuda Indonesia, Malaysia Airline. Untuk Air Asia saat ini baru: jaringan Hotel Hilton, Sunway Hotel, Tune Hotel dan jaringan Swissbel-hotel International.
  • Agen booking hotel/online hotel booking. Ada beberapa online hotel booking, dimana kita bisa booking hotel via website mereka dan sekaligus bisa mengumpulkan miles penerbangan. Website hotel booking tersebut antara lain: Agoda.com dengan program PointsMAX (detail bisa dilihat disini), Rocketmiles.com, Kaligo.com, dan Booking.com.


Ada beberapa merchant belanja yang bekerja sama dengan airline untuk pengumpulan miles, sebagai berikut:

  • Kris Shop (Khusus untuk miles Kris Flyer/Singapore Airline).
  • Grand Indonesia. Kalian harus mendapatkan membership reward Grand Indonesia (namanya GI Card) dahulu, lalu poin reward yang terkumpul di membership tersebut dikonversikan ke miles penerbangan favorit kalian. Saat ini GI Card baru bekerja sama dengan Singapore Airline dan Garuda Indonesia. Info mengenai GI card, dapat dilihat disini.
  • Pacific Place. Mekanisme sama seperti GI Card, kalian harus mendapatkan membership reward Pacific Place (namanya Pacific Privilege Reward) dahulu, lalu poin reward yang terkumpul di membership tersebut dikonversikan ke miles penerbangan favorit kalian. Saat ini Pacific Privilege Reward baru bekerja sama dengan Singapore Airline dan Garuda Indonesia.
  • Zalora.com. Bekerja sama dengan Air Asia Big. Detail dapat dilihat disini.


Kalian dapat menulis review mengenai kunjungan kalian ke hotel, restoran, atau tempat wisata dalam Bahasa Indonesia di TripAdvisor (untuk pengumpulan miles Garuda Indonesia dan Air Asia Big) dan Garuda Indonesia Holiday untuk memperoleh miles tambahan dari penerbangan Garuda Indonesia.


Khusus pengguna Telkomsel Gold dan Priority, kalian bisa menukarkan poin reward di Telkomsel Poin dengan Garuda Miles (perbandingan konversi: 500 Telkomsel poin –> 500 Garuda Miles).


Untuk di Indonesia, sewa mobil yang bekerja sama dengan airline hanya Avis dan rentalcar.com, untuk pengumpulan miles Kris Flyer (Singapore Airline) dan Garuda Indonesia.


Khusus pendaftaran keanggotaan gym atau aktivasi paket fitnes baru dari Celebrity Fitness, kalian akan memperoleh 1,000 miles langsung. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut mengenai program ini, hubungi call center Garuda Indonesia di 08041807807 atau +62 212351999 atau outlet Celebrity Fitness langsung.

Dari beberapa alternatif pengumpulan miles diatas, pasti ada salah satu yang paling cocok untuk kalian lakukan. Dari pengalaman saya, pengumpulan miles dengan kartu kredit co-brand merupakan cara tercepat karena dengan pemakaian kartu kredit co-brand tersebut poin yang terkumpul langsung dikonversikan ke miles dan jumlah perbandingan konversi lebih bagus dibanding konversi kartu kredit non co-brand.

Selamat mengumpulkan miles untuk mendapatkan tiket terbang gratis! Jika ada pertanyaan atau masukan, feel free to leave comment 🙂

Klapa New Kuta Beach, Bali


Outdoor lounge

Klapa New Kuta Beach is located at Pecatu area, a beach resort at the southern part of Bali Island. New Kuta Beach previously known by Dreamland Beach, was wild coast that discovered by Australian surfers who looked for great waves and simple/basic accommodation. They called it Dreamland beach because this beach had white sand, great surfing waves and stunning sunset. It was just perfect place for people who just needed quiet beach and great waves.


Outdoor lounge

Since 2007, this area has been bought and managed by a property developer “Bali Pecatu Graha” (Kuta Golf Links Resort), owned by Tommy Suharto, son of the former Indonesian president who occupied the largest area in Pecatu up to 400 hectares, re-instated the projects begun before the Asian financial crisis. Previously Tommy had 600 hectares of land in the early 1990s and then sold 200 hectares to third parties and the proceeds are now used to finance the project with the new partner, a Balinese businessman, Made G. Putrawan (source: wikipedia). Since then, this area was full with commercial development; hotel resorts, apartments, restaurants/cafe with function room, golf course (New Kuta Golf) and club (Klapa New Kuta Beach/Klapa Club).


Although, now that surfers are not too interested in this beach, this place still gets the charm; the white sand, the beautiful sunset, the great waves, etc. Klapa Club is worth to be considered as a good venue for corporate/private meeting, corporate inbound/outbound, wedding, lounging/sunbathing, swimming or just come, have a drink and take some good pictures. When you hold an even in this club, or plan to play golf in this complex (at New Kuta Golf), you can stay at nearer hotels in this area, such as: The Rich Prada Bali, Lexington Klapa Resort, New Kuta Hotel and Lorin New Kuta


2006 New Year’s eve at Klapa

Last time I went to Klapa Club was for 2006 New Years Eve. All pictures here were taken by that time.


The above link is an affiliate link. Agoda.com is my favorite site for finding great deals on hotels. I have been a member of this site since 2013 and always happy. The best thing about this site is “PointsMAX”. It is new way to earn extra benefits, that means while you stay, you can earn points that will be converted to your favorite loyalty programs. So, when you register to Agoda, please make sure that you also register/link your loyalty program. Then, you can start earning miles on your next booking! See my detail review on “PointsMAX” here.

Detail Information:

Klapa New Kuta Beach

Address: Jalan New Kuta Beach, Pecatu Indah Resort – Bali

Telp: +62 (361) 8484 581 | F. +62 (361) 8484 558

www_icon    http://klapa-newkutabeach.com


H Sovereign Hotel, Bali (4*)


Club Premier Room

H Sovereign hotel is located near Bali international airport. Therefor, it is perfect for anyone who arrives in Bali so late, or has to catch up very early morning flight. The hotel has 198 total rooms with five categories:

  • Deluxe room: 25 sqm, king/twin bed, shower
  • Premier room: 28 sqm, king/twin bed, shower
  • Club premier room: 28 sqm, king/twin bed, bathtub & shower, and Complimentary access to the Sovereign Club Lounge
  • Junior suite room: 39 sqm, king/twin bed, bathtub & shower, and Complimentary access to the Sovereign Club Lounge
  • Executive suite room: 56 sqm, king bed, separate living/sitting area, bathtub & shower, and Complimentary access to the Sovereign Club Lounge

For all types of rooms have got this facilities:

  • 42” IP LED TV
  • Satellite TV Channel
  • Air conditioning
  • Body heat power sensor
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • Safety Deposit Box
  • Hair Dryer
  • Coffee & Tea Maker
  • Mini Bar
  • Wardrobe
  • IP PABX Telephone


H Sovereign hotel also provides a fully-equipped gym, spa, sauna, jacuzzi, yoga room and swimming pool at the rooftop. From this rooftop pool,  guests can view both sunrise and sunset, and sometimes a birds eye view of the planes taking off and landing.



For dining, H Sovereign has a Kitchen Meliwis restaurant (serves for breakfast, lunch and dinner), Owl Stone cafe and bakery (for coffee & baked goods), and 7 Clover Sky bar at the rooftop for light snacks & refreshments (started at 04.00PM till around 01.00AM).



The hotel is only a 10-minute drive from Bali International Airport, a 15-minute drive from Discovery Shopping Mall and a 25-minute drive from Kuta Beach.

I stayed in this hotel last January 2017 and booked for Club Premier Room. Based on my experience, these are “pros” and “cons” when stay in this hotel:


  • Very good quality of bedding (premium goose down pillows, luxury bed mattress and sheets). I am impressed with this quality of bedding as it’s very rare to meet this kind of luxury at 4 stars hotel.
  • Large and quiet room
  • The rooftop pool with stunning view
  • Location: in the main road of Tuban Street, near airport, close to Kuta area
  • Value for money: I booked for premier room with the rate about USD 54/night and got free upgraded to Club Premier Room and one free airport transfer. The booking made via Agoda.com. You may take a look the current rate here.


  • The hotel needs to pay attention on the maintenance. If you see picture number two, there is small area of paint peeling off on the wall near the bathtub.
  • The corridor is a little bit dark that gives impression of gloomy and not attractive.
  • Food at the restaurant is average, but this is not big issue for me.


Recommended hotel to stay if you arrive in Bali very late or have early morning flight. Please make sure to compare with other recommended airport hotels: Hilton Garden Inn Airport Bali and Novotel Bali Ngurah Rai Airport to get the best value for money accommodation. You may use Agoda.com and Hotels.com or other hotel platform to make the comparison. And if you decide to make booking via Agoda.com, please firstly read about my thought on “PointsMAX”; it’s interesting way to get an extra benefit from your accommodation booking.


The above link is an affiliate link. Agoda.com is my favorite site for finding great deals on hotels. I have been a member of this site since 2013 and never failed me. The best thing about this site is “PointsMAX”. It is new way to earn extra benefits, that means while you stay, you can earn points that will be converted to your favorite loyalty programs. So, when you register to Agoda, please make sure that you also register/link your loyalty program. Then, you can start earning miles on your next booking! See my detail review on “PointsMAX” here.

Detail Information:

H Sovereign Hotel

Jl. Raya Tuban No. 2, Lingkungan Tuban Griya, Tuban, Bali, 80361, Indonesia
Phone : +62 361 301 5555 Fax : +62 361 301 5588

Website:    http://hsovereignhotels.com/    Email:    reservations@hsovereignhotels.com

PointsMAX Agoda, another way to earn “Miles”.

Traveling currently is very easy, simple and affordable. There are plenty options for type of transportations and accommodations. There are plenty options for making the booking/reservations, too. If we talk about accommodations, we can make the booking directly to the hotel, via offline travel agent or online agent. Even online agent or online hotel platform are too many to choose. That is actually very good for travelers, as they will be able to compare and choose the best one that fits their need. But, you have to make sure that the online booking platform you choose is reliable and secure. Secondly, it is easy to use, have a good service after sales (in case you have any problem with your booking), have large number of hotel listed, and good price of course.

One of my recommendation is Agoda.com. Agoda was established in 2005 as start-up company and in 2007 was acquired by the Priceline Group. Today, Agoda offers hundreds of thousands of accommodation options around the globe with service and support in over 40 languages. Operations have been set up in Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Sydney, Hong Kong, and Budapest, and an additional presence can be found in major cities across Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas.

Agoda.com does not only meet those above points, but it also offers an extra value when we make the booking. This benefit’s called “PointsMAX”. It is new way to earn extra benefits, that means while you stay, you can earn points that will be converted to your favorite frequent flyer loyalty programs. So, when you register to Agoda, please make sure that you also register/link your frequent flyer loyalty program. Then, you can start earning miles on your next hotel booking!

How to do it? Here is the steps:

  • Go to www.agoda.com, click: sign up and complete the form.
  • In the “Profile”, register your loyalty program to your Agoda’s account and linked.
  • Confirmed “confirmation email” that sent by Agoda afterwards.
  • Now you’re ready to make a booking at Agoda.com and start earning miles.

Once you have linked your frequent flyer loyalty program, you can see in your “PointsMAX” profile as seen below (an example is mine):

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 11.33.53

You can add/link many more frequent flyer loyalty programs as you wish, however you can only use one loyalty program at one booking.

Currently, there are 44 frequent flyer loyalty programs available at Agoda for you to choose to be linked. Some of them are:



This is an example when we do a booking, I will compare a room (at H Sovereign Hotel Bali) without and with “PointsMAX” options:

A. Room without “PointsMAX” option:

No pointmax 1

Base price without “PointsMAX”: USD 45

No pointmax2

Total Price without “PointsMAX”: USD 54.13

B. Room with “PointsMAX” option:

with point1

Base price with “PointsMAX”: USD 45


Total price with “PointsMAX”: USD 54.13 + 17 KrisFlyer Miles

If you see that comparison, a Club Premier Room rate with and without “PointsMAX” option is same: USD 54.13 per night, but at option “B” you will get an extra benefit of “17 KrisFlyer Miles”.

Now, the question is whether Agoda still gives point reward when we do a booking with “PointsMAX” option. Last year, I have made a booking at H Sovereign Hotel Bali for one night and I chose using “PointsMax” option with KrisFlyer as linked Frequent Flyer Loyalty Program. Frankly, I did not expect to get Agoda reward point as my aim was just to stock up my KrisFlyer miles. However, when I checked my Agoda and KrisFlyer account out, seemed that I have earned both KrisFlyer miles and Agoda reward point. I put the screenshot of both earnings below:

Miles earning at KrisFlyer:

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.47.33

Point reward earning at Agoda:

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.36.37

So, this Agoda “PointsMAX” is really interesting, right? Of course, the preference to use this option will depend on each traveler. If you have a goal to focus in collecting miles, this is very good option to add an extra miles, without you take any flight.  But, if you prefer to gain benefit on hotel loyalty reward or free stay, you can leave out this option. Or you can try another similar site: Hotels.com with their generous one free night after ten night policy.

Finally, if you are interested to register with Agoda, please sign up here.

What is the difference …


What is the difference between:

“I like you” and ” I love you”

Buddha answered it beautifully:

“When you like a flower, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower, you water it daily ….! One who understand this, understands life ……

Shall I say “I do”?

wedding ring - tiffany & co

When it comes to single women over 40, there are a lot of stories to dig behind the reasons why they are still single.

Story number one. She met her love of life when she was in college. They were both in love that much that they then went to her parents to ask permission to get married after finishing the school. Her parents seemed reluctant to give a bless since the man did not have same faith/religion nor race, but they asked them to finish the school first, then had a discussion about that later. After college, she and her man got a good job, then came to her parents again for their marriage plan. At that moment, her parents could not hide the real reason and refused to bless them. She was shocked, sad and heartbroken. She was never anticipated this coming. She thought that all were fine as her parents have known this man quite long time. But, she had no courage to disobey her parents. She still kept the relationship with him afterwards, as they both still loved each other. By time, he started to loose faith in their relationship and they decided to go to their own way. A few years later he got married with other woman, she’s still single. In several years, he has got 2 children from her marriage, she’s still single. And she remains single in her mid of 50’s at this moment. Changing heart is not as easy as people says, she admits it.

Story number two. When she was in early 25’s, someone proposed to her. They were closed friend and she tried to build more feeling for him. But, she could not fall in love with him, no matter how hard she tried. Therefor, she told him that she could not marry him. Many years later, he has found another woman to be married with. She is still single at her late 40’s. Some people said that women should not refused any marriage proposal that came to her or she would be get difficulty to find a man to marry later. They said before giving a marriage proposal to woman, man generally has assured that they both had something special between them. The proposal is only a way to validate their relationship. I understand that this opinion is still believed by certain society, although I find this statement is absurd. Marriage is about living with one person for your whole life. There is a reason the words “till death do us part” being used when people get married. If you are not sure whether you will be able to live with that person until your end of life, that is a good enough to not having the marriage. Life is hard enough to be spent with anyone whom you don’t want to be with. Don’t you think so?

Sign that we are in healthy relationship


A reminder to ourselves ….

  • Saying “No” without guilt or fear

  • Free to ask for what you want or need

  • Taking care of yourself

  • Saying “Yes” because you want to, not out of obligation or to please others

  • Behaving according to your own values and beliefs

  • Feeling safe to express disagreement

  • Feeling supported to pursue your own goals

  • Being treated as an equal

  • Taking responsibility for your own happiness

  • Not feeling responsible for someone else’s happiness

  • Being in tune with your own feelings

  • Knowing who you are, what you believe, what you like

  • You’re comfortable telling your partner about things that make you feel vulnerable such as worries about getting laid off.

  • When you feel stressed or upset, you turn toward your partner for comfort, rather than turning away from your partner and trying to deal with it yourself.

What have the past taught you?


I have been asked why I write about cheating, unfaithful relationship or other related issues on the blog. Well …. I am not an expert, in term of relationship professional therapist, nor an expert by experiences. But, there were things that inspired me to write about this.

It was one time, very long time ago when unpleasant experience happened to me. A lady was mistakenly accused me as another woman of her husband. Even though, she finally realized that she made mistake, but she has said many terrible things. The words that made me questioning not only my attitude and manner, but also my perspective about a lot of things, the way I did my job, the way I said, the way I acted, the way I dressed, the way I did make up, etc. That experience made me sad for months. Oddly, I didn’t blame her as I knew she was right about her husband, eventually. I could understand her behavior. In the end, I made peace with myself and told that I was just in the wrong place and time. Still, I always remember of the day she called me furiously, asked a lot of questions which I even didn’t know how to answer because I didn’t feel nor do whatever she accused of. In the entire of my life, I never felt so confused about anything, so much like puzzle that I couldn’t response but crying. I was so naive that I didn’t have any clue about the matter she was furious about at first. A few strange words at the end of her rage call made me to think that she would probably just have learnt about her husband’s infidelity and thought that I was his other woman. That happened in 2000, and I could only share about that experience lately.

Then, there is this thing. I know many people who have been cheated on and suffer by that. Some people do whatever it takes to keep the relationship. It doesn’t matter if it means that they have to beg, close their eyes for their partners’ unfaithful acts that displayed intentionally, be patient for all the heartless words they receive, and many more painful situations. While I admire of their big heart, I also feel sorry that they allow themselves to be in that position. But, who am I to judge other people’s decision? Some people decide to finally leave that broken relationship as they realize that it can no longer be fixed. Whatever decisions they make, being cheated on is heartbreaking.

Many people say that we can’t control with whom we fall in love, but love doesn’t mean that you have to destroy others’ relationship. Love doesn’t mean that you can hurt other people feeling. Do you want to be happy over someone else’s misery? What do you feel if that turn to you one day? That’s what they called a “Karma”.

Simple things that give you best feeling in the world


Musee du Louvre, Paris

  1. Warmth hugs from people you love when you feel down.

  2. Crawling in the bed at the end of day, after long day.

  3. Being loved back by someone you love.

  4. Smells produced when rain falls on dry ground.

  5. Laughing till you cry.

  6. Holding a newborn, even if he/she is not yours.

  7. A glass of water when you are so thirsty.

  8. Seeing the first flowers bloom in the early spring.

  9. A long bath in the hot water with, bubble, aromatherapy oil and candle, and a glass of wine.

  10. Making a stranger smiles.

  11. Having a random act of kindness from stranger.

  12. Enjoying the quietness of a third night.

  13. Fresh smell from clean sheets.

  14. A soothing massage.

  15. Tired, but relieved feeling after good exercise.

Anymore to add? Feel free to leave a comment 🙂

How strong woman could be?

women are diamond

How strong woman could be? When you are a housewife with two teenagers and one preteen, you already have hands full to manage them. Many parents, or mostly mothers say that raising a teenage is the most challenging moment in every parenting time. They say how things could be very difficult or awful if they don’t manage, or more precisely don’t have high patience and tolerance in facing their “in many cases” unstable behavior, rebellion attitude, etc.

Those are not even the main issue when your husband is being imprisoned for 2 years. How shall you face this kind of situation? Any woman would never imagine if she will have to go through this kind of crisis in their future life. Maybe you are lucky enough to be a rich family, so money won’t be an issue. But, how about another a lot of things? How do you keep your domestic life running smoothly alone? How do you handle your children  alone? How to keep them safe? This is what Ibu Vero (Pak Ahok’s wife)’s facing right now. And I believe she has more and more things to face, other than that.

As a woman, I couldn’t imagine how she is always being able to look calm and smile to people, until recently when she read her husband letter to public. I know that she must be broken-heart inside, but she is undoubtedly very strong woman, a strong wife and mother who will support her husband and family for whatever happens. A truly woman with character. I salute your courages and strength, Ibu Vero! God never sleeps, give your worries to Him, have peace and believe that you put them in good hands.

Terror attack …when will it end?


We live in in the world that is full of chaos. Never ending wars in the Middle East, the constant terror attacks that happen everywhere; suicide bombs, shooting attacks and many more terror incidents which kill unnumbered people.

People went to Church or Mosque to pray, they got bombed. People went to music concerts and got bombed. What have those people done that made other people thinking they are deserved to die? In most terror attacks, the victims were not only men, but also women, elder people and children. They are innocent, never done anything wrong to you directly, never insulted you personally, you didn’t even know this people. So why ….???

The world and all creatures that live on it are God’s creation. We have absolutely no right to destroy, kill nor ruin them. In all religions, we have been taught about God’s absolute ownership over His creations. That means that humans do not have unrestricted freedom to misuse His creations, as His creations are not belong to us. You said you kill for your religion, … which religion is that?

Are you challenging God to punish us for destroying the world? Have not you learnt from our history in the past, when God punished humans for their sins, their betrayal, their inability to control human’s destructive nature?  If only we could learn ……

#Pray for the Better World #Pray for Humanity # Pray for Peace


Poem #2: Love, bring me back to ….


Love ….

Bring me back to the day before I knew you;

the day when I have not been enlightened by the addictive seduction,

the day when I have not felt longing for your fondling,

the day when I have not met the lonely night,

the day when I have not been introduced to the restless mind thinking over about you,

because as much as I am delighted by your presence, LOVE….

I can not stop to think the misery that I shall carry when you leave me.



Fasting month around the corner!

Masjid Ramlie Musofa

Masjid “Ramlie Musofa”, Jakarta

Fasting month, or Ramadan is just around the corner  … 🙂 In Indonesia, it will be started around 27th May this year. Just like any other Moslems, I am too looking forward to meeting this special month.

As all we know, Ramadan is a holy month for Moslems. It is a full month of “blessing”, as narrated Abu Hurairah: Allah SWT’s Messenger said, “When the month of Ramadan comes, the gates of Paradise are opened and the gates of (Hell) Fire are closed, and the devils are chained.” [Sahih al Bukhaari #3277].  Fasting is more than just abstaining from food, it is an exercise in self-restraint, not only from bad habit, indecent speech and but also lustful desires as well. Ramadan is a time to detach from worldly pleasures and focus on one’s prayers.

Ramadan is the most important month in a year, but Ramadan this year is pivotal moment considering the current situation in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta where more people are still consumed by the increasing friction over religion and race. I hope this blessing month will bring more peace to every one. For all Moslems, let’s focus on the purpose to prepare ourselves spiritually, mentally and physically in taking full advantage of this holy month. Put down our ego, clear our heart away from the hatred and stop provoking other people in the name of religion. Let’s just concentrate on improving ourselves, so Allah SWT will bless us to move easily to the next level spiritually. Amin. 


The image  above is Masjid Ramlie Musofa, located at Jalan Danau Sunter Raya Selatan Blok I/10 No. 12C – 14A, Sunter Agung, Tanjung Priok, Kota. This mosque was built by H. Ramli, a Chinese who converted to Moslem. The architecture of this mosque looks like a mixture of Chinese culture, Indonesia and India. There is a carved letter of Al-Fatihah engraved in Chinese and Arabic letters on the main ladder leading into the mosque. Chinese and Arabic letters can also be found at the door of the mosque and also in the prayer area. If we view at a glance, this mosque looks like the Taj Mahal in India. 


Things to always be remembered ….

rumah pohon1

Rumah Pohon, Bali


  • The past cannot be changed.

  • Opinions don’t define your reality.

  • Everyone’s journey is different.

  • Things always get better with time.

  • Judgements are a confession of character.

  • Overthinking will lead to sadness.

  • Happiness is found within yourself.

  • Positive thoughts create positive things.

  • Smiles are contagious.

  • Kindness is free.

  • You only fail if you quit.

  • What goes around, comes around. 

Can we fall in love again?


Cupid Cutting His Bow from the Club of Hercules | Musee du Louvre | Paris

Loosing our love of life is miserable. The intense feelings and a lot of memories that have been shared together were not easy to be dismissed from our mind and heart. We may keep moving forward, live our life, but we can still remember it; the thought, specific scents, happy moments or even the unpleasant ones that bring our mind to him/her. We never thought that simple thing could startle us, freeze our time for a glance, stopping us from doing what we are in at that moment while his/her foggy image’s flashing. Even when we are soon going back to the reality, that still affect us … the pain and deep grief that almost taken over all our sanity and consciousness, make us feel like walking in the cloud.

While many recommend us to let go of the past, certain memories will always stay for long time. However, when we have been able to let go of the past, there are still some benefits for us to remember the past, things that remind us about a few things, such as:

If you ever lost someone you loved, I meant “deceased”, it will remind us that every human being will eventually die one day, including us. By remembering that, we know that life is temporary and short, nothing is forever in this world. So, it would be better for you to live your brief life to the fullest till one day your day’s coming to re-join your love of life.

If you have been loved by someone deeply, even now it’s no longer happen, remember that you have once became someone’s significant other. Although, it may be difficult to find anyone like her/him again in your life, just remember that you were ever been so special, and you could be that version of you, again. Sometimes, just remembering that moments when he/she gave you a certain look that you couldn’t find in any others, could give you warmth feeling in your hearts and remind you that true love does exist.

On the contrary, if you have ever loved someone so deep, and now you are no longer together, for any reason, remember that you could give very special love to someone. And you can give another love to anyone again, better love, to better person, who will appreciate it more. Because love has no measure, no limit …. you just have to open your heart. Not easy as it said, but when you start to open your heart, you never know what it will give you. Sometimes the second true love could be the greatest one.

Poems #1

19th May, 2017

The warmth when you look at me,

The tingle when you touch me,

The shivering when you caress me,

The fire when you are inside of me,

it is burning the whole out of me like I am in hell.



I can see the intense look in your eyes, the eyes with full of desire, admire, inquisitiveness, but also promise and hope,

I can feel the flame through your eyes, the burning excitement, longing and craving for love that rips my heart and haunts my soul,

It is so visual that any one can sense it  … but frightened me in a way that I am unable to figure out.

Then, how shall I translate my feeling when I do not even understand the fear in my heart?



How do you recognize love? Is it in the never ending text messaging? In the long conversations that never bored you?  In the many hours of sleeps that you have lost by overthinking about someone? In the lust and desire that give you a new meaning of the word “addiction”? In the constant thought about someone that always gives you a sweet distraction and brings warmth in your heart and smile on your face inadvertently?

Is that called love???



Have we run out of the time?


I remember when I was kid, in the school, teacher asked what we wanted to become when we grown up. Then the kids answered a simple word: a doctor, a pilot, a teacher, an astronaut,  a judge, etc. When we entered adulthood, our life goals changed. In general, we wanted to find our love of life, have a good job, get married, have children and happily ever after. Some may have different order of the lists, but mostly nearly the same things.

Then, now ….in the current moment …when we have been living almost half way or maybe past half way of our life and there are few things that we wanted or planned to have from the beginning, but we haven’t achieved it, yet. We may have run out of time to complete one or two of our life goals. We probably have missed the opportunity to get everything that we ever wanted it when we set the life goals. If we think about that, we would probably think that our life is failure; we feel sad because there are things we can’t accomplish yet, probably never;  we think that life is not fair because no matter how hard we tried we can’t success to reach any goals we have planned. Guess what? Yes, …life may be not fair. Some people may get everything they want, other people may get half, some other more get very less. But, that is life …. the complex, uncertain and mysterious things that human being never been able to comprehend. That is the art of life. God has a perfect plan for each of His creatures, beyond our understanding. As much as we want to plan our life, God has a way to surprise us with unexpected things that will make us happier than what we originally planned.

So, whatever condition you are in right now, cherish for what God has given to you, be the best version of you as whatever role you play at the moment, do good to others and let God take care of the rest. Because that are the only best ways we can do to live our life.

~ I Love Batik ~

As Indonesian, I love “batik”. It is not only because is part a fashion’s trend, batik as one of Indonesian cultural heritage has more meaning than that. Certain batik needs periods of time, patient, highly skillful and sense of art in making it. Hidden inside its complex patterns and designs, batik has philosophical meanings. When a batik is created with exceptional skill, certain color, pattern, symbol and values will be embedded in the final cloth.

The word “batik” itself is Javanese in origin. Based on etymology wikipedia, batik comes from the Javanese word “amba” (means “to write”) and “titik” (means “dot”). However, the Javanese word “amba”, actually has a meaning as “wide” or “large”. Thus, batik could mean as putting/writing dots on the wide/large material, in this term is cloth.

A tradition of making batik is found not only in Indonesia, but also in many other countries. However, Indonesian batik is the best known and most experts believe that Javanese batik is one of the most intricate/complex design that’s ever created. In October 2009, UNESCO designated Indonesian batik as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Javanese batik has different pattern and color, influenced by local culture of the region where the batik’s created. Based on that category, Javanese batik has many types/variant, which called:

Inland batik/batik kraton (Javanese court batik). The oldest form of batik tradition known in Java. This type of batik has earthy color: black, brown, indigo and white. One of the famous batik called “sogan” is batik with classic and exotic pattern dominated by dark brown-black and white color (sogan – Yogyakarta) or brown-yellow/orange color (sogan – Solo). Certain patterns are reserved for royalty, while other are worn on specific occasions. Here, some examples of inland batik:


Inland batik Jogyakarta, motif “Sido Mukti”


Inland batik Jogyakarta, motif “Semen Romo”


Inland batik Solo, motif “Sido Mukti”


Coastal batik/batik pesisir. This type of batik ‘s created by people in the region of northern Java, such as Pekalongan, Cirebon, Lasem, Tuban and Madura. Pekalongan has the most active batik industry. Coastal batik has lively and vibrant color. The patterns are influenced by dynamic and wide range of cultures as those area lived by maritime trading which enable people from many other areas/countries come in and out. Coastal batik called “Jawa Hokokai”, has common pattern of Hokokai style, like Japanese cherry blossoms, butterflies, and chrysanthemums. This type of batik was influenced by Japanese occupation in Indonesia early 1940. Another coastal batik called batik “tiga negeri” (batik of three lands) is attributed to three regions: Lasem, Pekalongan, and Solo. Batik Lasem’s also colorful and has pattern that’s influenced by Chinese’s culture and Persians. Some example of coastal batiks:


Batik Lasem

Outside those two  types of batiks, there are Sundanese/Priangan batik (come from the Priangan region of West Java and Banten), Sumatran Batik and Balinese batik.

Except for batik with the specific pattern, we can always wear batik in any kind of event, casual or official ones, as a dress or skirt, etc.



Staying in bad relationship …..

“Staying in a bad relationship is not poetic or beautiful. Staying with someone who hurts you or does not appreciate you is not romantic or beautiful. What’s beautiful is moving on. What’s beautiful is focusing on yourself. On loving who you are, regardless of how other people see you. There is no flower brighter than the first to bloom after a harsh winter”.

Painful Realities as Another Woman


I always believe that all people have good side in their heart. I believe when women say they never plan to be another woman. I believe when they say they’re trapped in the situation which they never meant to be in it intentionally. They have fallen so hard that they can’t imagine to live without him, even if it’s only his spare time. And many more unplanned or unintended reasons to validate her situation as another woman. But, life is about making choices and we own the power to take where our life goes to.

In term of that, to another women, or any woman who will become another woman unintentionally or by choice, this is not to judge about your decision, but these are some facts to remember as another woman:

You will be kept hidden.  Being another woman means you always be his “dirty little secret”. Secret rendezvous, stolen text messages/email and other conditions that you have to follow to keep the relationship under wraps. You will never go out on dates in public. It doesn’t matter how great he is as a lover and how beautiful his words when you are both within closed doors, but when you are in public, you will be treated as strangers.

You have to deal with society’s judgment. As another woman, you will have to deal with the stigma of society. They will blame the other woman as “home wrecker”, “sl*t”, etc. It doesn’t matter how and why the affair happened, or who starts it first, the other woman always be the one who got blamed.

You always be alone. Being in a secret relationship means you can’t claim him as your couple. To public you are single. You go anywhere alone, you do things alone.

You have to play the “waiting game”. As another woman you will never be able to initiate things, you can’t call him any time you want, you can’t plan when to meet him. You will always have to wait for him to spare his time for you. You live on “stolen moments” or “borrowed time” which are only available upon his free time or his agreement.

You become the “meantime girl”. Being another woman means you will never be a primary, you always only be an option. There’s never talk about future where you in it.

You have an expiration date. This is perhaps the most frightening about being the other woman. The entire affair could end as abruptly as it started. This means you probably even won’t have any closure, at all. This would make the situation even more painful since you cannot even go back to how it was before, especially if you have already fallen for him. The broken heart, feeling been used, worthless …. they will not be easy to heal soon and affect your future life.

With all these possibilities of life damages that will consume your entirely emotions, why do you still want to put up with any of it? It’s very rare possibility that another woman become the priority/the first woman. Even when that happens, how can you be sure that he will not cheat on you one day?

“Love you, hate you”


 #1000candlesforahok, 12 May 2017 @Surabaya

Thursday, 11 May 2017

I was receiving a sad news about one of my dearest friend who passed away that day. She was suffered from medical complications. She got diagnosed with kidney tumors around March 2017. Her condition was worsening fast and she didn’t awake after surgery. I was shocked when I got this sudden sad news. She was only 46 years, still young, active, very kind person.

This kind of news always reminds me how life is really mysterious. Life is full of uncertainties. We will never know when our time on this world is up until it’s over. We never know if today will be our last day, or tonight will be our last sleep  and if we never meet tomorrow. Dead will come to any existence that live, any time, soon or later. That is the only absolute thing in this world.

That got me to think …. why do we keep hatred on our heart? Why can’t we forgive anyone who has truly apologized? Why do we focus on the differences about religion, race/ethnicity, etc and keep on spreading out the rage, antipathy and detestation? When will all this madness finish? When will we start to remember that all things in this world are temporary? When our time in this world ends, we will not be able to bring anything but our soul. So, let us take care of our soul … free them from any negative and toxic emotions … let our soul be ready for anytime our time is over. Life is short!

What is the most powerful moment in your childhood?

When you have been living for long enough, you barely remember about your early childhood. Memories in your childhood were like fading away as you grow up. If you can remember things, it would be like a little/short fragment of event that happened and mostly affected you emotionally, changed your life, traumatic moments, etc. There were many occasions when I tried to dig around, hoping to find some interesting sights or memories of my childhood that buried in the depths of my brain, under the layers of my daily life, but, I didn’t find much. Strangely, there were some moments that I can remember easily, even  without trying so hard to remember it. This memories sometimes just suddenly emerge into my mind,  flashing through it then gone. Certain memories, the most powerful ones occasionally  appear and stay longer, bring me back to the moment and the feeling that associated when the event occurred very long time ago. Some of them:

  • I remember how my late younger brother liked to ride his bike. He was like everyone’s favorite little boy, even most of our neighbors loved him… a chubby, funny and adorable little boy who always easily smiled to everyone. He died when he’s around 4 or 5 years old, I am two years older.
  • I remember the day he (my late younger brother) died, how my grandpa cried hysterically and fainted many times. My mother cried hysterically, too, while my father cried in silent but I could still feel his deep grief and lost impression on his face, blurry.
  • I remember that my grandma was my alarm. She woke me up every morning for morning pray, prepared my bath before going to school. She was also the one who taught me many things, especially about religion, God, praying, fasting, etc.
  • I remember the time when I was slept in at my grandparents. In the middle of night, I was awaked by comedy of a shadow puppet story from “Ramayana Series” played in the radio (my grandpa liked that story a lot and always listened it in the radio). When that happened, I can remember I was still sleeping but could listen the funny stories they made, then I smiled on my own …. while sleeping ..or in between awaked and sleeping. If I should rate, this is the funniest and most favorite moment I could remember about my childhood. Even till now I can still smile at myself anytime I remember that. And that’s why I like Ramayana story.
  • Then, I remember when my grandma took me for trip several times… it was long trip to special place, a remote area, part of south beach Java in Yogyakarta. What I can remember is that the place was a desert, I could see only sands, one small house where we stayed temporary, closed to the beach (note: wild coast, as I didn’t see any tourist). Sometime we met a traditional fisherman or two when they went to or from fishing. The place was so quiet that we almost never met anyone around. Not only in the night, even in the day we heard only the sounds of ocean waves, sometimes few birds sang. It was so relax and peaceful. I always remember this specific moments. The remote place, desert, sands, ocean, waves, cactus and some desert plants which I didn’t even know the name, but most of all the quietness, the peacefulness that I always long for. I think this is the best moment of my childhood, the most nostalgic. The moment that always remind me how kind and thoughtful my grandma was. Although, she had many grandchildren, and I was only her step grandchild, I was always be her favorite one. And my eyes always fill with tears every time I remember of her, even now while I am writing this. Well …. even good memories sometimes bring back the old sad feeling when it relates to someone you love who’s already gone.

Our early childhood has a substantial impact on our adult lives, including our relationships, career successes, open-mindedness and preference about a lot of things. If I never heard Ramayana story from my grandpa’s radio when I was a little, I may never like that story at all. Beach may never give special effect on me if I weren’t taken there often when I was a child. By retrieving some childhood experiences, it will give you possibilities to understand about yourself, what made you be you are right now. It will give you understanding if you suffer from fearing of something and might help you how to overcome the fearing.

So, what about you? Have you ever tried to remember of any special moments in your childhood? What is your most powerful moment? Did you have any traumatic moment that made you fear of something?

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Motivational Quotes when You Feel Like Giving up


Golden Tears by Gustav Klimt

  • God gives you this life because He knows that you are strong enough to live it. Dont give up.
  • God has a great plan for your life. Trust Him. 
  • Sometimes God doesn’t give you what you think you want, not because you don’t deserve it, but because you deserve better.
  • Keeps your head up. God gives his hardest battles to His strongest soldiers.
  • Remember that sometimes, not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck – Dalai Lama
  • No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you’ve come from, you can always become a better version of yourself – Madonna
  • The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow – Robert Tew
  • We all have times when life feels hard; when we’re frustrated and tired and just want to hide away. If that is you right now, don’t worry – every caterpillar has to rest to become a butterfly and you’ll soon find your wings again. In the meantime, let your Angels wrap you in theirs. You are so loved – Anna Taylor
  • Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come.
  • Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone. Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived. Live in the present and make it beautiful.
  • Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.
  • You said you have tried everything. Have you tried not giving up?
  • A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.
  • You are allowed to scream, you are allowed to cry, but do not give up.
  • You are fail when you stop trying.
  • We all make mistakes. Don’t let that be a reason to give up.
  • It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop – Confucius.
  • Don’t give up because of what someone said. Use that as motivation to push harder.
  • There is always a solution for any problem, so don’t give up.
  • It always seems impossible, until it’s done – Nelson Mandela.
  • Sometimes I feel like giving up, but then I remember I have a lot of people to prove wrong.
  • We don’t grow when things are easy. We grow when we face challenges.
  • Within every problem is opportunity, don’t give up.
  • When nothing is sure, everything is possible.

How to Get over a Break-up


“Freedom”, sculpture in Philadelphia By Zenos Frudakis

Ending a relationship is hard, whether it was your decision or the other person’s decision. You may be dealing with painful emotions and want to deal with those feelings as quickly as possible. There are several ways that you can work through your painful emotions and start to move on:

  • Fully accept that it is over. This is the hardest but most important step in letting go of a past relationship. If you are not aware and admitting to the fact that it’s over, you won’t be able to process the grief and loss. You need time to get in touch with your pain and understand your feelings. Acceptance is a form of closure that you should acknowledge.
  • Give yourself permission to grieve.  Set amount of time to deal with this emotions, to let go of your anger. Let yourself cry, scream, or whatever you need to do to get your negative emotions out. One of other good methods to get all of your feelings out is to write them down on the journal everyday until you feel better. In my own experience, cry to God was always be a powerful way to ease the heavy heart, for any reasons.
  • Remind yourself of your ex’s negative traits. Remembering on all of the things that you don’t like about your ex can help you to get over the break-up faster. Try to make a list of all of the things your ex did that you did not like.
  • Consider the reasons why you are better off without your ex. In addition to reminding yourself of everything that bothered you about your ex, you can also benefit from thinking about the positives to your breakup. Make another list of all of the reasons why you are better off without your ex.
  • Remove painful memory triggers. There are all kinds of things that remind you of your ex––a song, a smell, a sound, a place. Having these items around can make it harder for you to recover from a breakup. Remove all of the things that make your heart ache or your stomach turn. If you have a keepsake, such as a watch or piece of jewelry that was given to you by your ex, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it. But for the time being, try putting it away until you have gotten over the relationship.
  • Cut him out of your life completely. Even if you and your ex have decided to stay friends, break away completely from each other right after the break-up. This means not seeing each other, not being around his/her family members, no phone calls, no e-mails, no text messages, no Facebook, and not even stalking on every social media of his/hers. You don’t have to have stop talking forever, but you do need to cut all communications for as long as it takes to get completely over your ex. If he/she tries to convince you to see him/her, ask yourself honestly what the point would be. You may have to have some contacts in order to deal with the practical aspects of things like moving out, signing papers, etc., but try to limit this to what’s absolutely necessary, and then keep such calls/meetings polite and as short as possible.
  • Surround yourself with those who love and support you, like family or friends. The ones who will help you to feel good about yourself again and see yourself as a worth-while person.
  • Fall in love with your own life, again. Find your passion, refocus your energy and live life to the fullest. You may have given so much of yourself to the relationship that you neglected yourself and your favorite things. Being single again gives you the opportunity to be who and what you’ve always wanted to be. You can accomplish a lot while single. Take advantage of that new life, new you!
  • Remember that every failed relationship is preparing you for your dream relationship. Some people come into our lives for a brief period of time to teach us a lesson or show us to a new way of thinking. While you may have loved someone, and continue to do so, they will likely not be the only person you will ever love. If it is supposed to happen, it will. You don’t need to beg someone to love you or care for you, in the way you do for them. Open up yourself to the possibility that this ending is the beginning of something far better than you’ve ever experienced before. Believe that there is not always a “one true love” for everyone.

“Heal the Past, Live the Present, Dream the Future” 

~ Suku Bunga Kartu Kredit Turun, Hampir 24 persen! ~

credit card promotion.png

Sebulan belakangan ini, saya sudah menerima email pemberitahuan dari penerbit kartu kredit mengenai penurunan suku bunga kartu kredit yang akan berlaku per 1 Juni 2017.

Akhir tahun 2016 lalu, Bank Indonesia memang sudah mengeluarkan peraturan mengenai penurunan suku bunga kartu kredit ini, dari saat ini 2,95 persen per bulan atau 35,4 persen setahun menjadi 2,25 persen per bulan atau 26,95 persen setahun. Penurunan bunga ini hampir sebesar 24 persen! Kebijakan tersebut dituangkan pada Surat Edaran Bank Indonesia Nomor 18/33/DKSP perihal Perubahan Keempat atas Surat Edaran Bank Indonesia Nomor 11/10/DASP tanggal 13 April 2009 perihal Penyelenggaraan Kegiatan Alat Pembayaran dengan Menggunakan Kartu.

Sesuai Surat Edaran tersebut, paling lambat enam bulan sejak tanggal 2 Desember 2016, penerbit kartu kredit wajib menerapkan batas maksimum suku bunga kartu kredit yang ditetapkan oleh BI sebesar 2,25 persen per bulan atau 26,95 persen per tahun. Batas maksimum bunga kartu kredit wajib diterapkan oleh penerbit kartu kredit untuk transaksi pembelanjaan maupun transaksi tarik tunai.

Bank Indonesia mencatat jumlah kartu kredit hanya tumbuh 2,85 persen menjadi 17,22 juta per Oktober 2016 dibandingkan posisi 16,75 juta per Oktober 2015. Dengan penurunan suku bunga kartu kredit ini, Bank Indonesia berharap dapat meningkatkan jumlah dan nilai transaksi kartu kredit, serta membantu perbankan untuk memperbaiki rasio kredit bermasalah (non-performing loan/NPL) pemegang kartu kredit. Meningkatnya NPL disebabkan antara lain oleh gagalnya pembayaran tagihan kartu kredit nasabah.

Namun, pengguna kartu kredit juga diharapkan bijaksana dalam menyikapi penurunan suku bunga kartu kredit ini agar tidak terjebak dalam masalah. Beberapa hal yang harus selalu diperhatikan adalah:

  • Kartu kredit adalah kartu hutang

Ketika kita mempunyai kartu kredit, apalagi kartu kredit jenis premium/prioritas dengan credit limit ratusan juta, bahkan mungkin 1 miliar, kita merasa wah, gengsi/prestise naik, longgar dalam berbelanja. Namun, kartu kredit sesuai namanya adalah kartu hutang, bukan harta/aset. Harus selalu diingat bahwa setiap saat kita berbelanja dengan kartu kredit, berarti kita mempunyai kewajiban yang harus kita bayarkan bulan depan. Kecuali dalam keadaan terpaksa, menghindari berhutang terutama dengan kartu kredit, akan lebih bijaksana. Penurunan suku bunga kartu kredit, meskipun hingga 24 persen, akan membantu jika kita terpaksa harus berhutang, namun tetap harus diingat bahwa kita harus membayar tambahan 2,25 persen per bulan, setiap kita berhutang dengan kartu kredit.

  • “On-time” membayar tagihan kartu kredit

Harus selalu diingat tanggal jatuh tempo pembayaran semua kartu kredit yang kita punya. Menghindari keterlambatan dalam pembayaran kartu kredit, berarti menghindari denda keterlambatan. Sayang sekali jika kita harus mengeluarkan uang hanya karena keteledoran kita saja, kan?

  • Selalu membayar tagihan kartu kredit dengan “full payment”

Penurunan suku bunga kartu kredit tidak berarti kita boleh membayar tagihan hanya sebesar “minimum payment”. Setiap kita melakukan pembayaran tagihan hanya sebesar “minimum payment”, berarti kita berhutang dan bertambah kewajiban yang harus kita bayarkan kepada bank.

  • Menghindari “Cash Advance”

Setiap kali kita menggunakan kartu kredit untuk tarik tunai di ATM (cash advance), berarti bertambah kewajiban kita karena ada biaya tambahan dari fasilitas ini yang besarnya bervariasi sesuai jenis kartu kredit, umumnya sekitar 4 persen dari jumlah nilai yang ditarik. Biaya tersebut diluar biaya bunga sebesar 2,25 persen per bulan jika kita tidak melunasi tagihan kartu kredit pada bulan berjalan.

Jadi, secara umum penurunan suku bunga kartu kredit memang bagus, namun sekali lagi kita tetap harus bijak dalam penggunaan kartu kredit agar tidak terjebak dalam hutang.

Related post mengenai kartu kredit: Manfaat Kartu Kredit.

~ Drops of Youth, the Body Shop ~

Saya termasuk pengguna setia produk The Body Shop, salah satunya adalah serum dari seri Nutriganics “Drops of Youth”. Serum adalah salah satu skin care yang menjadi andalan saya karena saya tidak begitu suka dengan pelembab. Jenis kulit muka saya terlalu berminyak dan saya sudah mencoba berbagai merk pelembab muka khususnya yang waterbase, namun seringnya pelembab membuat riasan cepat luntur apalagi jika seharian berada di luar ruangan. Akhirnya serumlah satu-satunya yang wajib saya gunakan, pagi dan malam hari untuk sekaligus sebagai pelembab.

Saya suka sekali dengan serum dari seri “Drops of Youth” ini karena selain kandungan bahannya 99 persen natural, no paraben dan no silicon, namun teksturnya ringan dan mudah diserap kulit. Baru-baru ini The Body Shop,  mengeluarkan varian dari seri “Drops of Youth” bundling dengan varian lain dibuat khusus untuk anti pollutan, sangat cocok untuk kita-kita yang hidup di kota-kota dengan tingkat polusi tinggi. Bundling skin care tersebut terdiri dari:

  • Drops of Youth liquid peel, yang berfungsi mengangkat sel-sel kulit mati & mendetoksifikasi polusi serta menetralisir efek buruk dari lingkungan.
  • Drops of Youth Emulsin SPF 20, yang mengandung bunga Edelweiss dari Italy yang berfungsi sebagai antioksidant , Sea Holly dari Britany, Perancis Selatan yang berfungsi untuk mengencangkan dan Criste Marine untuk regenerasi sel kulit baru.
  • Skin defense SPF 50, produk pelindung wajah (sunscreen) untuk melindungi kulit dari sinar UVA & UVB , dengan kandungan water essence yang ringan dan mudah menyerap.

Bundling produk tersebut dapat diperoleh melalui online website The Body Shop.

Psst …. belanja melalui website The Body Shop juga bisa dicicil lho :), dengan menggunakan kartu kredit Bank Mandiri. Promosi cicilan 0% selama 3 bulan ini berlaku hingga 31 Mei 2017 dengan minimal pembelanjaan Rp 300.000,-. Dan …. saat ini The Body Shop juga sedang ada promosi diskon hingga 25 persen untuk produk-produk tertentu, untuk pembelanjaan melalui online, hanya sampai dengan 7 Mei 2017.

The Best Doctors for Healthy Living

Health is the most valuable thing for us, something that we can’t buy with money nor trade with anything else, every one aware of that. We will not be able to enjoy our money, our success nor our free time when we are ill. Therefor, it is very important that we must do our best to keep and maintain our health, than suffer in any kind of illness. For that, we have to “make friends” with this “best doctors”:

~ Air. This is the ultimate element for living, no one deny it. Clean air is essential to maintaining the delicate balance of life on this planet — not just for humans, but wildlife, vegetation, water and soil. So, let’s take a little step from each of us, keep our air clean as it is for our own benefit.

~ Water. On average, human body contains 50 – 75% water. The body of a newborn is composed of more water (75%) than an elderly person (50%). Most of the water in the human body is contained inside our cells. In fact, our billions of cells must have water to live. The total amount of water in our body is found in three main locations: within our cells (two-thirds of the water), in the space between our cells and in our blood (one-third of the water). That’s why, water is an essential nutrient to our body, like oil is to a car; we can’t function without it. Water is more important for our body’s survival than food. We need water to: digest food; carry waste products out of our body; provide a medium in which biochemical reactions such as metabolism (digesting food, producing energy, and building tissue) occur; send electrical messages between cells so that our muscles can move, our eyes can see, our brain can think, and so on; regulate body temperature, cooling our body with moisture (perspiration) that evaporates on our skin and to lubricate our moving parts. Lack of water, or dehydration, reduces the amount of blood in our body, forcing our heart to pump harder in order to deliver oxygen-bearing cells to our muscles. In the early stages of dehydration, we can become dizzy, irritable and experience headaches. As dehydration progresses, we become clumsy and exhausted. Our eyesight fades. In the last stages of dehydration, we may feel nauseous and begin vomiting. Without water, we will enter a coma and die. However, over-hydration, or drinking too much water, is also a potentially deadly condition. It can throw off the balance between water and sodium in our blood, in which the excess water floods our body’s cells, causing them to swell up. Our swollen brain cells then cause a wide range of symptoms, including a bad headache, nausea, cramps, mental confusion, convulsions, fatigue, coma and death. Over-hydration can be caused by drinking too much water, both consciously and unconsciously, and also be caused by water retention. Water retention is often the result of medical conditions, such as: liver disease, kidney problems, congestive heart failure and syndrome of inappropriate anti-diuretic hormone.  Commonly we get recommendation to drink about 2 liters, or half a gallon of water per day. But, this depends on the individual and other many factors (both internal and external) that ultimately affect our need for water. So, the key is to maintain water balance. That is essential for our survival. Trust your thirst.

~ Sunshine. Sunlight plays a vital role in the production of vitamin D in the body, and it’s believed that the vitamin may have a role in stopping or slowing the growth of tumours by preventing the overproduction of cells, as well as in boosting bones. Professor Michael Holick, of Boston University School of Medicine and author of The UV Advantage (I-Books, #6.99), says: “We get about 90 to 95 per cent of our vitamin D from the sun.”It is essential for absorbing calcium, keeping our bones healthy, and for protecting against serious chronic diseases later in life such as osteoporosis, Type II diabetes, multiple sclerosis and many common cancers.” He advises us that we should go out in the sun without sunblock for between five and 15 minutes a day, at least three times a week in spring and summer, to boost our vitamin D levels. We can also get vitamin D from our diet – oily fish, such as salmon and tuna, is a good source – as is margarine, milk, eggs and fortified breakfast cereals. But most of us simply don’t eat healthily enough to get adequate amounts, leaving the sun as the primary source of this important vitamin.

~ Sleep. We tend to think of sleep as a time when the mind and body shut down. But this is not the case; sleep is an active period in which a lot of important processing, restoration, and strengthening occurs. In fact, we can survive longer without food than without sleep. This is why those who have chronic sleep issues typically have shorter life spans. Relates to this, please read this post ~Let’s Pause~.

~ Exercise. Exercise prevents disease. Exercise regularly will give us many benefits, such as: increase our endurance; have healthier muscles, joints and bones; increase our metabolism; have more energy; experience a sense of well-being and be better in coping with stress; get better sleeping/prevents insomnia. And exercise can also prevent excess of weight gain or help maintain weight loss.

~ Diet. Eating a balanced diet can help humans feel healthier and have more energy. It boosts our immune system too. A balanced diet means that we are combining the right fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fibre in order to obtain all of the nutrients we need for good health. By eating the correct combination, and not too much or too little of anything, we will give our body the right fuel to grow, replenish, repair and strengthen.

~ Laughter. “Laughter is the best medicine, unless you’re diabetic, then insulin comes pretty high on the list”. A good, hearty laugh relieves physical tension and stress, leaving our muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after. Laughter boosts the immune system, decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving our resistance to disease. If we can find a reason to laugh every day, we’ll find that our mood will improve. Moreover, our body, mind and soul will reap the health benefits of this natural and free medicine.

~ Love. Falling in love makes us feel on cloud nine; it is the feeling of intoxication! Scientists have discovered that when we fall in love, our brain releases chemicals and hormones that controls euphoria, including dopamine, oxytocin, adrenaline, and vasopressin. That is the same chemical process that takes place with other addictions happen, such as addiction to drugs. Sweaty palms, flushed cheeks, a racing heartbeat, tongue tied, can’t think straight, butterflies in the stomach whenever the object of our affection is around together with an altered biochemistry within our body are signs of being in love. Love in any kind of form has many benefits to our health: heal our heart (that’s why we associate love with the heart), help to decrease stress, boosts immune system, help to look younger, improve mental well-being, lower blood pressure, and more. Love makes the world go around, or so the saying goes. So, let’s spread the loves :).


Rupa Rupa dot Com

Semua orang pasti tahu dengan Ace Hardware, Toys Kingdom atau Informa. Tiga perusahaan tersebut merupakan anak perusahaan dari Kawan Lama Group. PT Ace Hardware Indonesia adalah pemegang lisensi tunggal ACE Hardware di Indonesia, yang ditunjuk secara langsung oleh ACE Hardware Corporation, Amerika. Sampai saat ini, Ace Hardware sudah membuka 99 toko di seluruh Indonesia.

Untuk meningkatkan pelayanan kepada konsumennya, Ace Hardware menyediakan pembelanjaan secara online melalui website RupaRupa.com. Dengan begitu, konsumen dapat menikmati kemudahan berbelanja berbagai produk Ace Hardware dengan praktis, mudah dan cepat.

RupaRupa.com menyediakan beragam produk berkualitas mulai dari furniture, dekorasi rumah, kebutuhan olahraga, perlengkapan rumah tangga, peralatan dapur, aksesori, perkakas, serta hobi dan gaya hidup.

Selamat menikmati pengalaman berbelanja yang menyenangkan hanya di RupaRupa.com!

Hotels dot Com

Traveling is sometimes a little bit irritating, especially if you have to do it in short notice, either it is for business or emergency reasons. In limited time you have to find an air flight and an accommodation. In the past, it will not easy to do that. Nowadays, that kind of situation is relatively easy to handle. You just need reliable online booking for any kind of accommodation you need. One of them is Hotels.com. I have been a member of this website since 2013 and it’s never failed me. This online booking also offers a loyalty program. For any 10 nights hotel bookings you have made via this website, you will entitle one free night.

So, anytime you need a last minute accommodation booking, just go to Hotels.com

Does True Love still Exist?


While people in France are giving full attention to the event which will influence their life for the next five years in the final round of 2017 presidential election, people around the world …almost 🙂 are paying more attention to one of the top-two candidates, Mr. Emmanuel Macron, the former economy minister, especially his private life.

The 39 years old good-looking candidate’s private life seems to be more interesting to be discussed than his political experience history. He’s married to his ex school teacher, 24 years his senior whom he met when he was in secondary school. Based on ebook Emmanuel Macron: Un Jeune Homme Si Parfait by Anne Fulda, published by Plon, Mr. Macron tells the story: “It was at secondary school, through drama, that I met Brigitte. It was surreptitiously that things happened and that I fell in love. Through an intellectual bond, which day after day became ever closer. Then emerged a lasting passion.” Meanwhile, Mrs. Macron (back then was still Mrs. Brigitte Trogneux Auziere), recalls that when she arrived at La Providence, “all the teachers were buzzing about Emmanuel”. Her own daughter, Laurence, a classmate of Macron’s, also spoke of him as “that amazing guy” who “knows everything about everything”. Emmanuel was not in the French class Brigitte taught (though she did teach his brother, Laurent, and sister, Estelle) but only her drama classes, where she found herself in awe of his “exceptional intelligence, a way of thinking that I had never ever seen before”. As often happens with romantic couples, it all started with words. “Every Friday, for several months, we spent several hours working on a play together,” Macron writes. “Once the play was written, we decided to produce it together. We chatted about everything. The writing became an excuse. I felt that we had always known each other.”

To many people outside France, their 24 years of age difference has raised everyone’s eyebrow, if I may say it is more like “public shocking”. Seems that it’s stunned everyone. And more chatter and speculation about Mr. Macron’s position in their relationship. But, many other people also say that the age difference between Mr. & Mrs. Macron is the same as the one between Mr. and Mrs. Trump. So, why do people tend to be more tolerant to The Trump’s situation, than The Macrons? Isn’t it double standard?

Fallen in love with his 24 years elder teacher when he was even before reaching his adulthood (he was then 16 years old and the official age of adulthood in France is 18), while she herself was a married lady with three children, they obviously have passed through challenging long roads to prove their love affair. So, maybe it is a true love. For the sake of romantic soul in everyone’s heart which is almost gone in this materialistic and phony world, I really wish that it is true love. Is it …. ???

Flower Bouquets for Pak Ahok & Pak Djarot


There is unusual view in Jakarta’s Mayor Office lately. A large number of  flower bouquets have been delivered to mayor office since two weeks ago non-stop till today. Oh they are not only flower bouquets nor a kind of wreath, but most of them are flower boards, which costs at least IDR 500.000 each. Thousands of flower boards have filled up in mayor office and its yard. In several days, as the delivery of flower boards keep on flowing, they put the old flower boards to Monas area. So, mayor office and Monas now suddenly become new trend tourist destinations. People keep coming to mayor office, not only to see the Mayor, greet and take picture with him, but also want to see and take picture all those flowers. And it’s not only local, but many foreign people come to witness this phenomenon.

Yes, this is phenomenal. What do you call to any condition where the candidate who has lost in the mayor election, but still receives thousands of flower bouquets, while the winner receives so few? And the flower bouquets were not sent only by Jakarta people, but also by people outside Jakarta, people who don’t know the Mayor at all nor live/work in Jakarta. Where on earth that ever happen before? 

More interesting is about the messages on the flower boards. They are not only “thank you” note, “wish of luck” note, but also “broken-heart” note which written in humorous and entertaining messages/quotes. These are some of them:

  • “Kami yang mencintaimu lebih dari yang kau tahu” (group sepi yang gagal move on)
  • “Terima kasih, mencintaimu sangat cepat bagiku, melupakanmu butuh waktu lama. Tunggu kami amnesia dulu biar bisa move on”.
  • “Kalau aku disuruh melupakanmu, aku mau ke kelurahan dulu, minta surat keterangan tidak mampu”.
  • “Pak Ahok & Pak Djarot, you may lose the election, but you win our hearts”.
  • “Kita pernah bahagia banget sampe nangis, sekarang kita sedih banget sampai gak bisa nangis” (grup baper – yang berusaha setrong).
  • “dariPada mAnis dan berSandiwara, lebih baik menoHok tapi kerDja nyata”, terima kasih baDja. (dari kami yang ikhlas diputus paksa).
  • “Terima kasih atas jasamu” (dari kami yang patah hati ditinggal saat lagi sayang2nya).
  • “Hai mantan terindah, hati kami memang patah tapi cinta kami tak akan goyah”.
  • “Pak Ahok & Pak Djarot, terima kasih buat simpang susunnya, bisa tolong susun hati kami yang patah ini?” (Kami yang lagi mungutin kepingan hati).
  • “Pak Ahok & Pak Djarot, Bapak tidak kehilangan kami, tapi Jakarta kehilangan Bapak. Kami patah hati, Pak. Putus lagi cintaku, Pak”.
  • “Terima kasih Pak Ahok & Pak Djarot, sedihnya kaya putus cinta, padahal kenal juga engga” (HVMB Tulungagung).
  • “Pak Ahok – Pak Djarot yang terbaik, Bali siap menerima Anda” (dari kami penggemar berat Bapak – kaum kafir & penggemar lemak babi ABCD/Anak Bali Cinta Damai).
  • “Cinta & sayang aku kayak kuku, biar dipotong juga tetap tumbuh”.
  • “Pak Ahok & Pak Djarot, ditinggal doi kami kuat, ditinggal Bapak kami gak kuat”.
  • “Pak Ahok & Pak Djarot, adalah pemenang di hati kami” (Ibu-ibu cantik se-DKI).
  • “Kami patah hati dan tidak punya hasrat lagi”.
  • “Pak Ahok & Pak Djarot, how can we move on, we were still in love with you?” (Arisan emak2 galau 3S).
  • “Pak Ahok & Pak Djarot, kami tanpamu seperti butiran debu”.

And the best quotes is:

  • “Ahok & Djarot, bukan APBD saja yang kau kunci, hatikupun kau kunci” (this is ironically very entertaining, but relieving lol…).

In many cultures around the world, sending flower represents giving attention/affection and support. A flower, a bunch of flower or even a bouquet of flower gives intimates meaning, but a flower board gives big impression. It’s strong statement to let public know about their attention and support. So, aside from its political relates and other issues, I believe that people who sent this flowers are truly caring and appreciating Pak Ahok & Pak Djarot. The two of them have indeed done real and wonderful jobs in creating “a better Jakarta”. And I wish nothing but better opportunity for him to do more, not only for Jakarta, but for Indonesia.

Let’s also not forget, this phenomenon has created good business for florists in Jakarta and a rare entertainment for many people :).

Batavia Cafe, Jakarta



If you visit Jakarta, for business or holiday, this place should be on your “must visit” list. This classy restaurant was established in a two-storied 19th-century building, one of the most beautiful colonial buildings in Jakarta. This building, which was constructed in the 1830s is the second oldest building in central Jakarta after the Fatahillah Museum. The Café Batavia’s interior was refurbished in a 1930s theme. You can find vintage photographs of 1930s celebrities placed on the wall at the stairway that leads to the upper floor.


Stairway with vintage photographs. Thinking of pre-wedding shots?

When you enter the cafe, you will see a bar, performance stage, and lounge area located on the ground floor.  The upper floor is ‘Grand Salon’, the main dining hall which is able to accommodate 150 guests, featuring colonial style dining with wooden chairs. Its large glass windows in the upper floor provide plentiful of light and broadly view to “Taman Fatahillah” and its surrounding.


“Grand Salon” area


Fatahillah Museum from the main hall of Cafe Batavia

Another unique thing about this place is the restroom area. It’s full with vintage photographs as decoration.


Restroom area

And if you have any plan to travel to Jakarta and require any assistance to book an accommodation, I recommend you Agoda.com. This  travel fare aggregator website is owned by a subsidiary of The Priceline Group. The website available in 40 languages, also providing 24/7 customer support using a voice recorder. Agoda’s network includes more than 125,000 hotels worldwide. Been a member of Agoda for many years and always happy to use it.

Detail information:

Address: Pintu Besar Utara street No.14, Jakarta Kota, West Jakarta 11230

Telephone:+6221 691 5531/4

Email: cafe.batavia.jakarta@gmail.com

Cafe Batavia opens:
Monday to Thursday: 8 am – 12 am (midnight)
Friday: 8 am – 1 am
Saturday: 7 am – 1 am
Sunday/ Public Holiday: 7 am – 12 am (midnight)

Live music:
Mon-thurs 8.30-11.30pm
Friday-sat. 9.00 – 12.00 pm
Sunday 6.00 -9.00 pm
Sat-sun 2.00 – 5.00 pm

How to reduce stress


Note to self:

  • Relax your mind, take a deep/long breathe, listening relaxing musics, meditates, have a long bath with aromatherapy, get massage/spa.
  • Let your feeling out, express what you feel by writing it down, talk about it with someone, crying, laugh it out lot.
  • Focus on the present and what you can change. Do not much worry about any other things that beyond our control.
  • Do something that you enjoy: traveling, treat yourself with special gift, etc.
  • Rest more.
  • Exercise.
  • Talk to God. This is always be the best thing to do. When you seemed to have done everything, but you still feel “not be able to breathe”, the only thing you can do is to talk to God. You can cry to Him on everything and no one will know that nor judge you. And, even if it will not solve the problem, you will at least feel peace in mind, so you can think clearly to find solutions for your problem or minimize the stress.


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Signs that someone is abusing you emotionally

La Jeune Martyre2

Picture taken at Le Louvre Museum: La Jeune Martyre (edited in black & white)

What is emotional/psychological abuse? It’s any kind of abuse that is emotional rather than physical in nature. Emotional abuse can take many forms. Emotional abuse doesn’t leave physical scars, but it will diminish the sense of identity, dignity, and self-worth. People know what physical abuse is, but when it comes to emotional abuse, most people tend to think there’s much more of a ‘grey area’. Sometimes they (the abuser & receiver) are not sure whether they are involved in emotional abuse. But the point of whether someone’s behavior is abusive is how it makes you feel. These are several signs or examples that you are being emotionally abused:

  • They regularly disregard your ideas and beliefs.
  • They always search for our flaws, mistakes & shortcomings. Or keep reminding us of them.
  • They make excuses for their behavior, try to blame others, and have difficulty apologizing.
  • They accuse you of being too sensitive.
  • They are emotionally distant or emotionally unavailable most of the time.
  • They blame you for their problems, life difficulties, or unhappiness.
  • They are constantly correcting your behavior.
  • They put you down in front of others.
  • They minimize your hopes, dreams and achievements.
  • They repeatedly ignore your requests and cross your boundaries.
  • They punish you with abandonment or neglect.
  • They invalidate or deny their emotionally abusive behavior when being confronted.
  • You feel like you need their permission to make any decision.
  • They make subtle threats or negative remarks with the intent to frighten or control you.
  • They don’t seem to notice or care about your feelings.

Emotional abuse can happen anywhere, at home between parent – children, husband – wife, or brothers – sisters, at social network between friends and even at workplace between bosses – employees or between colleagues.

This post is just to remind any of us. If our behavior reflected in any of those term or we are receiving any kind of that behavior, the first important thing is acknowledgement. Most of abusers won’t recognize it easily that they have done something wrong, as it said before. But, to anyone who receives that behavior, once you recognize it, maybe it’s time for you to find a way how to deal with those person, or make the most of possible changes to free yourself from that kind of situations …. Because, you are deserved to be happy, you are deserved to be “you”.

Kelebihan Kartu Kredit Co-Brand Airline

Credit Card Co-Brand Airline.jpg

Untuk penggemar traveling, pasti tidak asing dengan “Travel Fair”. Event ini selalu ditunggu-tunggu karena pada acara tersebut banyak maskapai penerbangan, hotel bahkan travel agen memberikan program promosi yang sangat menarik. Tidak hanya diskon, mereka juga bekerja sama dengan kartu kredit tertentu untuk cicilan 0% dengan jangka waktu minimal 3 bulan, maksimal 12 atau 24 bulan (ada yang menawarkan hingga 36 bulan). Menarik sekali bukan? Ada kelebihan lagi yang ditawarkan oleh airline, yaitu jika pembelian tiket menggunakan kartu kredit co-brand airline tersebut, kita bisa mendapatkan double/triple poin reward, cash back, voucher belanja bahkan undian berhadiah miles.

Banyak traveler yang sudah mengetahui dan mempunyai kartu kredit co-brand airline karena memang kartu kredit ini mempunyai banyak kelebihan untuk penggemar travel. Untuk yang belum mengetahui, semoga ulasan saya mengenai kartu kredit co-brand airline ini dapat memberikan gambaran sedikit dan bermanfaat.

Jadi…..apakah  kartu kredit co-brand airline itu?

Kartu kredit co-brand airline adalah kartu kredit yang dikeluarkan bank yang bekerja sama langsung dengan airline. Pada kartu kredit jenis ini, nama frequent flyer/loyalty program dari airline tersebut akan ditampilkan pada kartu, berikut nomor keanggotaannya. Hal ini berarti, pemegang kartu kredit tersebut secara otomatis akan menjadi anggota loyalty program airline itu, tanpa perlu mendaftar lagi ke airline. Jika sebelumnya pemegang kartu tersebut sudah menjadi anggota loyalty program airline itu, mereka bisa lakukan “merge” keanggotaannya (pastikan nama keduanya sama) sehingga miles yang sudah terkumpul tidak hilang.

Kelebihan dari kartu kredit co-brand ini adalah setiap kita belanja, poin reward yang terkumpul akan langsung otomatis di-convert ke miles penerbangan yang bekerja sama, jadi kita tidak perlu menelpon bank tersebut untuk menukarkan poin reward kita. Selain itu, mengumpulkan miles penerbangan bisa lebih cepat karena setiap pembelanjaan dengan kartu tersebut bisa mendapatkan double/triple miles dibanding jika menggunakan kartu kredit lain.

Saat ini di Indonesia, airline yang bekerja sama dengan bank untuk mengeluarkan kartu kredit co-brand baru Singapore Airlines (dengan loyalty programnya: KrisFlyer) bekerja sama dengan BCA, Garuda Indonesia (loyalty program: Garuda Miles) bekerja sama dengan Citibank dan BNI, dan Air Asia (loyalty program: BIG) dengan Bank CIMB Niaga.

Kelebihan dari masing-masing kartu kredit co-brand airline tersebut, antara lain:

  • BCA Singapore Airlines PPS Club Visa Infinite: Pertama kali mendapatkan kartu kredit ini, pemegang kartu akan diberikan welcome bonus sampai dengan 12.500 miles dengan syarat minimum pembelanjaan sebesar Rp 5 juta dalam 2 bulan sejak tanggal terbit kartu. Setiap bertransaksi senilai Rp 5.500 (dalam & luar negeri) mendapatkan 1 miles KrisFlyer. Iuran tahunan: Rp 1.000.000 (kartu utama), Rp 600.000 (kartu tambahan).
  • BCA Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Visa Signature: untuk kartu kredit jenis ini, pemegang kartu akan diberikan welcome bonus sampai dengan 10.000 miles dengan syarat minimum pembelanjaan sebesar Rp 3 juta dalam 2 bulan sejak tanggal terbit kartu. Selain itu, ada tambahan bonus 1.000 KrisFlyer miles untuk akumulasi transaksi minimal Rp 30 juta setiap bulannya. Untuk transaksi senilai Rp 10.500 (di dalam negeri) dan Rp 8.000 (di luar negeri) akan mendapatkan 1 miles KrisFlyer. Iuran tahunan: Rp 500.000 (kartu utama), Rp 300.000 (kartu tambahan).

Welcome bonus miles merupakan program promosi dari BCA dan ada batas waktu. Mohon dapat dikonfirmasikan kembali ke bank tersebut jika tertarik untuk mendapatkan kartu kredit BCA Singapore Airlines ini. Sebagai catatan, nilai miles yang dibutuhkan untuk mendapatkan award penerbangan gratis dari Jakarta ke Singapore sebesar 7.500 miles untuk kelas ekonomi dan 17.500 miles untuk kelas bisnis, sekali jalan.

  • Garuda BNI Visa Signature: Diberikan Welcome Bonus sebesar 200 miles (saat aplikasi kartu kredit disetujui), Bonus Aktivasi sebesar 4.000 miles (setelah pemegang kartu bertransaksi dengan kartu itu pertama kali) dan Loyalty Bonus sebesar 2.000 miles (diberikan setiap tahun ketika memperbaharui keanggotaan Garuda BNI Visa Signature). Setiap transaksi belanja senilai Rp 15.000 akan mendapatkan 2 GarudaMiles. Iuran tahunan: Rp 800.000 (kartu utama).
  • Garuda BNI Visa Platinum: Diberikan Welcome Bonus sebesar 200 miles (saat aplikasi kartu kredit disetujui), Bonus Aktivasi sebesar 2.000 miles (setelah pemegang kartu bertransaksi dengan kartu itu pertama kali) dan Loyalty Bonus sebesar 1.000 miles (diberikan setiap tahun ketika memperbaharui keanggotaan Garuda BNI Visa Signature). Setiap transaksi belanja senilai Rp 10.000 akan mendapatkan 1 GarudaMiles. Iuran tahunan: Rp 600.000 (kartu utama). Kelebihan lain Garuda BNI co-brand: akses gratis domestic airport lounge dan gratis biaya keanggotaan Priority Pass Standard senilai USD 99 (www.prioritypass.com).
  • Garuda Indonesia Citi: dikeluarkan oleh Citibank. Untuk setiap transaksi senilai Rp 20.000,- akan mendapatkan 3 GarudaMiles (untuk transaksi di Garuda Indonesia dan 2 GarudaMiles (untuk transaksi lainnya). Pemegang kartu akan mendapatkan bonus 2.500 GarudaMiles secara otomatis setelah mengumpulkan 250 GarudaMiles pertamanya. Iuran tahunan: Rp 800.000 (kartu utama) dan Rp 400.000 (kartu tambahan). Kelebihan tambahan: akses gratis ke Citibank airport lounge dan ekstra bagasi 20 kg.
  • CIMB Niaga Air Asia Big, kelebihannya: 500 Big poin Bonus Aktivasi. Tiap transaksi Rp 6.000 akan mendapatkan 3 Big poin (untuk pembelian tiket melalui website Air Asia) dan 1 Big poin untuk pembelanjaan lainnya. Iuran tahunan: gratis 1 tahun pertama, selanjutnya Rp 350.000 (kartu utama), Rp 150.000 (kartu tambahan).

Selain kartu kredit, Garuda Indonesia juga bekerja sama dengan beberapa bank untuk mengeluarkan kartu debit co-brand, yaitu: kartu debit Mandiri Garuda, BRI Garuda, BNI Garuda & BTN Garuda. Detail mengenai kartu debit co-brand ini, akan saya post terpisah.

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